See What You’ve Been Missing with Bullard AboveView Hard Hats

Bullard AboveView full brim hard hats can open your world of view compared to the standard hard hat. The see-through visor gives the user an increased upper peripheral vision by 50%. Besides the stylish look and great fit, they offer some of the best head protection. Let’s take a look at some of the features that this hard hat has to offer.

AbovieView Safety at its Finest

First off, with an increased view of the work area, you allow yourself to see hazards overhead. AboveView is revolutionary in the full brim hard hat field because protection is a must. Standard ANSI/ISEA classification, along with accessory slots for various attachments. The brim is also designed to be somewhat wider, to protect against the elements.

The Incredible AboveView Comfort

Next, AboveView hard hats come standard with comfort. Adjustable ratchet suspension that can adjust the height for front, sides, and back. As well as a large absorbent cotton or easy to clean vinyl brow pad. The AboveView sits below the “nape” of the users head so that the fit is secure and will not fall off. If it’s something you have to wear all day, take advantage of a comfortable fit. The ratchet suspension can adjust to fit hat sizes of 6.5 to 8.

Style and Versatility like No Other

AboveViewTalk about sleek. This hard hat has a certain look that you don’t see anywhere else. The style for the most part, helps protect against splash, the sun and glare. Along with the replaceable visors, you can customize it to fit your needs. With the clear visor, the user gets full visibility. Grey tint for some much-needed shade. And then yellow tint visors to prevent glare.
 In conclusion, not all full brim hard hats are equal. With Bullard AboveView, they’ve stepped up their game to give you better protection. See what you’ve been missing!