Superior Quality and Durability – Bullard Hard Hats


With so many hard hats on the market, Bullard hard hats take the cake. Quality meets comfort and safety. Founded in 1898, Bullard is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hard hats. Strong enough to keep firemen safe, it’s no wonder why Bullard hard hats strive for top protection. Below, we’ll cover some of the types of hard hats Bullard provides.

Bullard is one of the most popular hard hat brands. Capable of reducing the force of impact to the top the head, the neck, and the spine. Styles that Bullard carries are the Classic, Standard, and Advance Series. Unique types of hats include Miner’s Helmets, High Heat, and Bump Caps. Then some offer a vented style that keeps air flow constant. A pillowed cotton brow pad comes standard on most of the Bullard Hard Hats. The front and rear of the hard hat can get adjusted for positioning and comfort. Adjustable ratchet suspension for ease finding the best fit. Choose a hard hat that fits the types of work protection needed.

Cap and Full Brim Styles

The two main types of hard hat styles are going to be full brim and cap style. Full brim hard hats are going to have a brim that goes all the way around the hat to provide 360 degree protection. Best for being outdoors to stop UV rays or protection against falling debris. Cap style hard hats have a short bill in the front, like a baseball cap. The type one would need is going to vary by preference or type of job site. Both hard hats are available in a variety of colors and styles.

High Heat Hard Hats

Bullard High Heat hard hats are from the same type of materials as firefighter helmets. Designed for use in high heat environments to add even more protection. They can come in cap style or full brim and are going to meet the ANSI type 1 requirements. Thus these hats are ideal for utilities, welding, and steel mills.

Bump Caps

Bullard also provides a bump cap. These can protect again minor bumps, cuts, and bruises. The two styles are the standard bump cap and a baseball style bump. Where the standard bump caps are going to have the plastic shell casing. Then for the baseball cap style its’ going to look like a ball cap except there’s a protective shell under the hat. Both are not a safety helmet and do not meet ANSI standards. Not intended to for use when hard hats are required.

Engineered to deliver superior performance. quality and durability. After making hard hats for a century, they have evolved to meet the demands of rising safety needs. Bullard hard hats have you covered when you need head protection.