Bullard Hard Hats – Celebrating 100 Years


Bullard knows a thing or two about hard hats – since they just hit their 100 years in the business of head protection. They happen to be one of the leading manufacturers of hard hats (and PPE) worldwide. As a fifth generation family owned company, they strive for quality of their hard hats. 

Bullard and it’s History

The company was founded in 1898 by Edward Dickinson Bullard. Coming from a Kentucky based family he started the company in San Francisco. At first, the company provided lamps and other mining equipment. For those mining gold and copper in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Some years later in 1919, he began work on the invention of the ‘Hard Boiled Hat.’ The hats were made out of steamed canvas, glue, a leather brim, and black paint. It may not seem like much, but it helped catapult head protection forward.

Afterward, the company continued to make hard hats throughout the decades. In 1938, Bullard came up with the first aluminum hard hat. At the time, the aluminum hard hat was considered lightweight and durable. The biggest drawback was that aluminum is a good conductor of electricity.

Then the distinctive three-rib made it to the market in the 1940s. Also released around this time was the heat resistant fiberglass hard hat. By 1982, the standard hat changed with the non-slip ratchet suspension.

Today, the classic Bullard hard hat goes by “C30,” made from polyethylene plastic. It’s super lightweight, durable and non-conductive to electricity. On top of that, they have a modern suspension system, easy height adjustment, and a brow pad to soak up sweat. Take it a step further to the “S62” for a Standard Vented hard hat. Increased circulation to keep the user comfortable and cool while still protecting.

Bullard Hard Hats

Bullard AVBKBY AboveView Full Brim Hard Hat
Bullard AboveView Full Brim Hard Hat

Bullard carries many different hard hats for all types of working conditions. The main types include full brim and cap style hard hats. They will either have ANSI Type I or ANSI Type II protection. Type 1 protects the top of the head only. Hard hats with Type II protect both the top and sides of the head. Bump caps in contrast, are only used to protect against bruises and bumps. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose for the best type of hat for the job. Environments such as mining, high heat, or construction sites could use head protection. And express yourself or the company, by adding customization to the hard hats.


In closing, Bullard has had 100 years of innovation. By having a goal to keep workers safe has made them a leading manufacturer, worldwide. Aside from hard hats, they also carry rescue helmets and air quality equipment. At the time, the hard hat was the innovation behind the American industrial boom. We have plenty of reasons to thank Bullard, for paving the way for head protection.