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Wearing plain safety glasses day-in-day-out can get monotonous. Combine form, function, and style when you wear Bullhead safety glasses. These glasses are all ANSI Z87.1 safety rated yet have the styling of fashion sport sunglasses. Add creative frame designs, colorful lens choices and introduce yourself to something new.

Bullhead BH1419AF Maki Safety Glasses

Bullhead BH1419AF Maki Safety Glasses

First of all, Bullhead embraces its aquatic namesake with other fish named safety glasses. The most popular series is the Maki. While this might make you think of your favorite sushi roll, they are actually sporty and versatile safety glasses. Bullhead Maki safety glasses come in a variety of lens styles and colors. A sleek full frame design is comfortable with embedded rubber nose pieces. This helps ensure a slip-free fit. The crystal clear frame and blue mirror lens are not only striking in appearance but reminiscent of the ocean and sea. This is the most popular color combination for the series. The Maki safety glasses are also lightweight and block 99.9% of UVA and UVB light rays.

Bullhead Safety Glasses Style

Another style to consider is the Bullhead Swordfish safety glasses. These safety glasses are sporty enough to wear reeling one on the open sea – or on the job site. The Swordfish series features a lightweight half frame and dual 8 base curve lenses. There is also a variety of lens color options. The green mirror anti-fog lens is the most popular. A bifocal lens style prevents you from having to switch between your prescription glasses throughout the day. All Bullhead Swordfish safety glasses have TPR adjustable nose pieces and can fit a variety of face sizes.

In addition to style, form and price are also often important. Bullhead Torrent safety glasses are lightweight and economical. They are ideal for outfitting the whole crew and are comfortable for extended wear. Torrent glasses have a frameless design comfortable for all-day wear. There are anti-fog, mirror and bifocal lens options. Foam-lined glasses provide enhanced protection from dust, dirt and liquid splash. The variety of frame and lens colors allows the glasses to work well in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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Because Bullhead has so many style choices, browse our site for a more comprehensive selection. Other popular series include the Dorado, Wahoo, and Stinger. There are options like polarized and ballistic lenses. Bullhead safety goggles provide even more styles to the brand’s eyewear line-up. They are low-cost and feature foam-lined anti-fog protection. Vented PVC frames provide airflow and a wide view for better vision clarity.

Bullhead BH191AF BG3 Goggles

Bullhead BH191AF BG3 Goggles


In conclusion, take a look at something new and different in eye protection. Bullhead safety glasses, goggles, and sunglasses are ideal for a variety of applications. There’s nothing fishy about affordable and sporty safety glasses in styles for both men and women.