Climbing Style Safety Helmets


With a modern take on head protection, climbing style safety helmets transition from the great outdoors to your job site. And this sporting good staple is now an ANSI rated hard hat that ensures those working at heights can stay safe in style. Let’s take a look at what makes climbing style safety helmets unique.

Why Climbing Style Safety Helmets?

First of all, climbing style safety helmets from a design perspective are not new. But what is new is the use of these helmets in industrial job sites across the country. What makes a safety helmet climbing style? It’s all in the design. And this includes the addition of a chin strap and increased protection from impacts to the side and back of the head. This design works well for those working at heights on a job site. And makes them ANSI Type 1 Class E & G rated.

In addition, climbing style safety helmets use lightweight materials like ABS. This ensures a rigid product that is also weather and chemical resistant. And the ergonomic climbing design allows for increased airflow, keeping you cool throughout the day. The pre-installed adjustable chin strap keeps the hard hat secure. And most styles also include accessory slots for attachments like ear muffs or headlamps.

The Brands you Trust

And there is a variety of climbing style safety helmets to choose from. Bullhead climbing helmets have a cap style design and feature a 6-point adjustable ratchet suspension. There are several color options including high visibility yellow/green. A clear anti-fog toric visor accessory is also available that blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays. And those working in the wind power, construction, and oil and gas industries trust Bullhead climbing helmets for a comfortable and secure fit.

Also available are cap style climbing helmets from Radians. And these are part of the Titanium series in both vented and non-vented styles. Radians Titanium climbing helmets provide impact protection and have a 3-point chin strap. And they meet ANSI Type I safety standards for the job site. The low-profile design has accessory slots and an inner foam comfort liner. Select from over a half dozen different colors.

An Unobstructed View

While there are a few options for ANSI Type I climbing style helmets, the PIP Dynamic Rocky meets ANSI Type II Class E standards. And this industrial safety helmet provides impact and electrical shock protection with a polycarbonate/ABS shell. There is a 4-point quick release suspension with dual-position height adjustment. And the PIP Dynamic Rocky’s brimless design provides an unobstructed view, ideal for those working at heights or in confined spaces. And the 4-point integrated chin strap ensures the helmet remains secure and fastened in the event of a fall.

Another style of PIP Dynamic Rocky climbing helmet is one with MIPS technology. And MIPS stands for (multi-directional impact protection system). The Rocky MIPS hard hat has a lower friction layer that allows the head to move inside the helmet. This can redirect the harmful rotational motion that would otherwise transfer to the head. These hard hats meet ANSI Type II safety standards and have the same ultra-lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell.

New Innovative Series

Furthermore, most major hard hat brands you know and trust have a climbing style safety helmet. And this includes the Pyramex Ridgeline XR7, Bullard CEN10, and Fibre Metal FSH10. And there are options from JSP and MSA. Select from a large variety of colors and styles like short brim, vented, and high visibility. There are also hydro dipped climbing safety helmets with reflective stickers. And most climbing style hard hats are customizable with your name or logo.

In conclusion, climbing style safety helmets are a modern take on the traditional sporting-goods style of head protection. And they are ideal for those working at heights or in confined spaces. New technology and innovative designs make these a smart choice for the job site.