Crossfire Eyewear

CrossFire Safety Glasses – Premium Safety Eyewear

The CrossFire Difference

Because eye protection is so important for a variety of tasks, selecting which kind is right for you can be tough. CrossFire safety glasses and sunglasses all meet ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings. Most also meet military safety standards. The CrossFire brand of eyewear feature designs for those in the military, police, industrial workforce, and extreme sports fields. There is a pair of glasses that will work for you.

Bifocals – All the Better to See you With

While eye protection is the main purpose of safety glasses, seeing clear is critical on or off the job site. CrossFire bifocal safety glasses feature a magnifying lens. The bifocals are on the lower part of each lens and come in different diopter strengths. Magnifying bifocal lenses help you read small print and have overall better vision. Select from a variety of frame and lens choices including foam lined and polarized. Lens colors are not limited and CrossFire has bifocal safety glasses with brown, clear, and smoke/gray lenses.

Enjoy the Sun Responsiblycrossfire

With the long summer days ahead of us, CrossFire polarized safety glasses are here to help. If you spend the majority of your day in the bright sunshine, polarized safety glasses help reduce glare. They also block the reflection of the sun off of objects. A mirror lens option can add a sense of style and there are numerous frame and lens color options. Select from blue, brown, white, and silver. Comfortable frames make it easy to wear all day and the fitted nosepieces stay in place.

For the ultimate sun protection, look no further than CrossFire safety sunglasses. ANSI rated and with lens options in polarized, mirror coated, and dark tinted. Anti-fog lenses help reduce the build up of moisture and keep you seeing clear. Sleek and sporty designs for both men and women add a touch of style on or off the job site. Our most popular styles include the ES5, Infinity, ES4, and RPG. CrossFire safety glasses provide the safety, style, and designs you need at a low cost.