Designer Hard Hats


Cool Looking Hard Hats

If you wear head protection on the job, why not do so in style? Designer hard hats are a great way to promote safety on work sites. Workers can choose hard hats that they like, which will encourage them to wear them more often. There are many types of designer, or full graphics hard hats to choose from.

For sports fans, there are many different team logo hard hats from top brands. Whether you root for the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL or Nascar, there are themed hard hats for teams in all of these leagues. Take this Green Bay Packers NFL hard hat for instance. With the NFL season drawing to a close, what better way to support your favorite team all year long?

Fibre Metal American Eagle Hard Hat

Fibre-Metal American Eagle Hard Hat

You can also find designer hard hat series from several popular hard hat brands. Jackson Safety has the Head Turners series which features hard hats in many designs from military style, flames, skulls and more. The Fibre-Metal FMX series hard hats and welding helmets come in several unique graphic designs.

If you want to show your country pride while you work, check out many styles of patriotic hard hats. These hard hats include designs like American flag hard hats, eagles and other USA symbols on hard hats You can also find patriotic hard hats for Canada and Puerto Rico.