Stay Toasty with DeWalt Heated Jackets by Radians

When you have to spend time outside in the cold winter, it’s important to stay nice and warm. Instead of using so many layers, consider DeWalt heated jackets. Durable jackets that use batteries to provide you with hours of warmth. Great if you’re on the job, out in the woods or your own backyard. Show mother nature who’s boss when it comes to tackling the cold and avoid hypothermia.

The Features of DeWalt Heated Jackets:

DeWalt DCHJ075D1 Quilted Heated Work JacketAs soon as winter comes around, it’s best to stay prepared – and in this case with DeWalt heated jackets. Similar to electrical heated blankets, heated jackets increase safety and provide needed warmth. The jackets are water and wind resistant. With the 20V compact battery, you can have up to 7 hours of runtime. Which you can controlled with 3 temperature settings (high, medium and low heat). Then you have USB ports for charging electronic devices. As well as having a wind guard that blocks wind coming through the zipper.

Styles and Colors 

Next, there are plenty of DeWalt heated jacket styles to choose from. Standard solid color work jackets to camo. Find a use for the outdoor enthusiast to the worker who has to brave the cold on the construction site. Several styles include the battery and charger while others do not. In case, you have your own battery and charger. Other styles will range from jackets, sweatshirts to ladies. DeWalt DCHJ063C1 Heated Blaze Camo Jacket
In conclusion, get rid of all the layers and settle for heated jackets. No need to stay tied down to bulky outerwear, when one jacket can keep you nice and toasty. Makes the perfect gift for anyone that will need to work outside in the cold or if they want to enjoy the outdoors. As well as staying warm while hunting or on a hike. DeWalt heated jackets by Radians are a must-have when the temperature starts to drop for the winter.