Radians Safety Gear – RadWear and More


Radians PPE Gear

First of all, Radians safety gear manufactures a large variety of items. Some of those include hi-vis apparel, safety glasses, hard hats, and hearing protection. There is also work gloves, cooling and warming products and protective rainwear. With so many choices there is a type of safety gear for your needs. The brand is a well established and trusted name in the industry. Hi-vis and reflective jackets, vests, and rainwear also meet ANSI class ratings.

Radians Safety Jackets

Another thing to note about Radians is their contribution to new and innovative safety products. The RadWear line of high visibility apparel includes safety vests, safety jackets, safety shirts, and more. Silver reflective stripes increase your visibility and make many of the items ANSI class 2, 3, and class E rated. You can also add a custom name or logo with screen printing, embroidery, or vinyl heat transfer. For the winter season, layer with hi-viz hoodies and a parka or bomber jacket. The Nordic Blaze series includes dual layer hard hat liners and balaclavas. Insulated and thermal glove styles complete your cold weather safety outfit.

Hi-Vis Apparel for Workers

In addition to cold weather protection, there is also Radians safety gear for the warmer months. Cooling products like towels, head shades and headbands come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are reusable and are ideal for the job site. Mirror lens and a variety of safety glasses help protect your eyes from the sun. Safety glasses also come in bifocal, anti-fog and polarized styles. Breathable mesh hi-vis safety shirts and vests keep you cool and help you remain visible while working.

Finally, NRR rated hearing protection is affordable and comes in several different styles. Ear plugs and ear muffs come in colors like green, blue and pink for ladies. We also carry youth sizes and custom molded earplugs. Radians is a large PPE manufacturer and designs innovative products that protect and keep you noticed for all the right reasons.