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Edge Eyewear – How to Select the Best Lens Style

Edge Lens Clarity

In business for almost twenty years, Edge Eyewear has created protective safety glasses in a variety of styles. Because there are so many frame and lens combinations, determining which is best for you can be confusing. We will explore the different Edge lens styles and how you could benefit from each.

First of all, the three basic Edge lens styles are bifocal, polarized and welding. Bifocal lenses have magnifiers molded into the bottom of the lens. This feature allows the wearer to avoid switching between their prescription glasses and safety glasses. Different diopter strengths provide proper vision clarity. Edge was the first company to offer polarized lenses in safety glasses. Polarized lenses have a filtering layer that blocks reflected light and glare. Only direct light rays can pass through the lens. Welding lenses provide infrared light protection and are usually green in color.

Best Lens Style

Edge polarized

Edge polarized

While most welding lenses are green, there are many other different Edge lens colors. A clear lens offers the greatest amount of visible light transmission. Yellow lenses will help overcast or foggy conditions appear brighter. They filter low levels of blue light and can also help with depth perception while driving at dawn or dusk. A light blue lens can decrease eye fatigue and counteracts yellow lighting. Amber and copper colored lenses filter blue light and improve contrast allowing for better clarity when doing outdoor activities like golfing or skiing. Recommended for bright sunny conditions, smoke gray and silver lenses allow only 16% of light to pass through.

Finally, select the Edge series of safety glasses that combines your ideal lens with a stylish frame design. Popular series include the Zorge, Kazbek, and Caraz. Frames come in large sizes, ladies styles, and in styles that can fit over prescription glasses. Edge safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety requirements. They are also the first company to offer blue light filter lenses, polarized lenses, Aqua Precision, and the G-15 lenses. We welcome you to see the difference lenses at the forefront of technology can provide.