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Innovative Safety Products

Because there are so many Ergodyne products, we will take a look at some of the most popular items. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has the slogan “Tenacious Work Gear”. Years of innovation has led the company to introduce recognized and trusted brands. These product lines include Skullerz bump caps, GloWear hi-vis apparel, ProFlex work gloves, and Chill-Its cooling supplies. This is a small portion of the Ergodyne family of products. Let’s find out what makes these the stand-outs.

8020HL Safety Vest

8020HL Safety Vest

First, Ergodyne designs rough, ready, and reliable safety gear. The Skullerz line of bump caps are non-ANSI rated head protection. These provide protection against minor injuries like bumps and scrapes. They are useful for warehouse workers, mechanics, and maintenance. Skullerz bump caps feature thermo-formed foam and mesh venting for comfort and fit. The removable impact-resistant ABS plastic shell provides the protection you need. Styles include baseball cap, long and short brim, hi-vis and even LED lit. Customize bump caps with embroidery or purchase styles with the Ergodyne logo.

Ergodyne Hi-Vis

Next, GloWear high visibility apparel is available in a variety of styles. Safety vests, jackets, shirts, and pants come in hi-vis orange and yellow/lime. Silver reflective stripes help increase visibility at night and when working in poor weather conditions. The silver reflective also make many of the hi-viz apparel ANSI rated. The ANSI ratings range from class 1 to class 3. Rainwear, high visibility hats, and accessories finish out the GloWear line of apparel. Durable and affordable, add your own unique touch with custom logo gear.

ProFlex 922CR Gloves

ProFlex 922CR Gloves

Another line unique to Ergodyne is ProFlex work gloves. Styles include anti-vibration, impact reduction, and thermal. Material handling and fire and rescue style gloves feature coated palms and knuckle protection. Chill-Its cooling supplies include evaporative bandanas and bands. Absorptive hard hat liners, dew rags, and neck shades keep you cool during the warm months. Stay protected from the sun and remain hydrated while on the job site.

Finally, Ergodyne has other safety products that are worth noting. Those series include Arsenal tool storage, ProFlex knee pads, and Squids worksite organizers. Be tenacious and shop thousands of in-stock Ergodyne work gear products at low wholesale prices.