Ergodyne Skullerz Bump Caps and Safety Glasses



Ergodyne Skullerz head and eye protection can keep everything above the neck covered. It may be easy to think you’re tough but accidents tend to happen when you’re least prepared. Skullerz are great for keeping those eyes and head protected from workplace hazards. While at the same time, being absolutely comfortable and stylish.

Ergodyne Skullerz Bump Caps

First, if you want to consider head protection, try on an Ergodyne Skullerz bump caps for size. This way, you can get the protection without the bulk of a hard hat. These Non-ANSI compliant bump caps can still provide protection against bumps and bruises. Lightweight and comfortable with mesh venting. Then you can choose between brim lengths such as long, short, or micro brims. Another optional feature includes LED lights in the brim of the hat. XL bump caps for those who have larger heads. Bump caps applications include baggage handlers, maintenance, warehousing, brewing and plenty more.

                        Ergodyne Skullerz Safety Glasses

Ergodyne Skullerz GlassesNext, Ergodyne Skullerz glasses have the pair for whatever need you have. Find a perfect combination of safety, style, and comfort. You can rest easy on the shoulders of giants with excellent eye protection. That’s because these Skullerz safety glasses are Norse god inspired. Series such as Dagr, Kvasir, Loki, Njord, Odin, Thor, and Valkyrie. From many different lens and frame colors. Then lens coatings as well as half or full frame styles. ANSI rated protection across the board and MIL-PFR ballistic impact protection comes standard. Go for a polarized lens to reduce glare or Fog-Off for an anti-fog option.

In The End

In conclusion, Ergodyne Skullerz can help you stay protected on and off of the worksite. Whether you need head or eye protection, rest assured that you made the right choice. Safety glasses include tinted, polarized, anti-fog, or clear lenses. With plenty of styles to choose from why not enjoy a safer view? And then with bump caps, keep minor head injuries away. Use high visibility bump caps to keep you noticed on the job site or in conditions with poor visibility.