Ergodyne Skullerz Hard Hats: Evolved.


Ergodyne Skullerz hard hats can protect your noggin when it counts. That gray matter floating around your skull may be fearless. But that’s no reason to skimp on head protection. Ergodyne Skullerz hard hats meet and exceed industry safety standards. After 100 years of hard hat innovation, Ergodyne pours it all into their Skullerz line.

Ergodyne Skullerz Hard Hats Line

Ergodyne Skullerz hard hats give evolved ANSI rated head protection. Beginning with the premium 4-point ratchet suspension. There are many points of adjustment for endless comfort. Along with a quick adjusting ratchet system, makes sizing a breeze. They fit most heads – about 6.5 to 8 inches in hat sizes. Optional vented (see class requirements below) hard hats makes it so you don’t get too toasty. Then, there’s a whole host of accessories to give you an extra edge and keep you safe.

Ergodyne Skullerz Hard Hats that also Vented and has a LED Headlamp

Which Class Do I Need?

Next up, these hard hats are available in both Class E and Class C head protection. A hard hat that is Class E (Electrical) – used to reduce exposure to high voltage conductors. A utility worker would be an example of someone who needs to wear this class. They are commonly exposed to environments with high voltage. Class C (Conductive) hats are not able to provide protection against electrical conductors. But because they include ‘vented’ options it can allow for more breathability.


The Skullerz line also comes in a cap or full brim style. Cap styles have a short brim on the front of the hard hat. This can help keep the sun and rain out of the eyes. Also, allows the user to wear it backwards if they need increased range of vision. Full brim hat styles feature a brim that goes around the entire cap. It helps shade the face, neck, and ears from the elements and sun.


When it comes to the accessories, Ergodyne has you covered. Slotted locations allow for hard hat accessories, like face shields and hearing protection. Optional LED headlamps can mount to the hard hat slots, so you don’t need to stop working in the dark. It gives 4 different positions of tilt, as well as 2 light modes; spotlight and floodlight. Hard hat pads and sweatband replacements to help cool you down. And then, chin straps to secure the hard hat to the in place.

The Verdict on Ergodyne Skullerz Hard Hats

In closing, Ergodyne Skullerz hard hats are the next generation for head protection. The Skullerz line also includes safety glasses and bump caps. These lightweight hard hats offer balance, ventilation, and all day comfort. Whether you’re looking for a cap style or full brim hard hat (and Class C or Class E), you can’t go wrong.


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