Ergodyne Skullerz Safety Glasses – Tenacious Eyewear


Safety by Design

With the market full of a variety of safety glasses, why not stand out while on the job for all the right reasons. Ergodyne’s Skullerz brand of safety glasses follows the company’s tradition of designing tenacious work gear. All Skullerz safety glasses have Norse god names. They also meet both ANSI Z87.1 and military MIL-PRF 32432 ballistic fragmentation class 1 requirements. You can feel safe that you are well protected when wearing a pair of Skullerz safety glasses.

Browse Ergodyne’s full selection of Skullerz safety glasses. We have anti-fog, polarized, and mirror lens styles. The options don’t stop there. Ergodyne also has a variety of lens color options. Color choices include blue, brown, clear, red, and smoke/gray. Because Skullerz safety glasses have polycarbonate lenses they are scratch resistant and filter 99.9% of harmful UVA rays. There are seven styles of Norse god named Skullerz safety glasses. Each has their own unique features and are ideal for a wide range of jobs and tasks.

Select from:

  • Dagr
  • Kvasir
  • Loki
  • Njord
  • Odin
  • Thor
  • Valkyrie

Yes, it sounds like we have assembled a mighty crew to navigate our way through middle Earth. Actually, it is the full line-up of Ergodyne safety glasses.


Superior Job Site Protection

While Skullerz glasses includes frame options in black, camo, gray, and other masculine colors, we do have frames for women. The Ergodyne Erda safety glasses for ladies have white and clear frame color options. Skullerz sunglasses are ideal for the job site or when working outdoors. The dark lens tints meet both ANSI and US military eyewear requirements for protection. A large full frame design made of flexible nylon gives durability and provides comfort for all day wear. When the sun is out and the temperatures soar, the non-slip rubber temple components and nose pad help keep the glasses in position and resist perspiration.

Hence the dilemma of which pair of Skullerz safety glasses or sunglasses to purchase. We say treat yourself and try a few different pairs. There is nothing wrong with kicking a few tires with so many lens and frame style combinations.