Face Masks and Coverings

Face Masks and Coverings – Protect Yourself

Face masks and coverings keep your face and head protected from the elements or dust. They are not intended as a substitute for surgical face masks or n95 respirators. Working outdoors or playing hard, weather can play a factor in staying safe. As well as, dust being harmful on the lungs. Continuing on, we’ll explain the uses/benefits of face masks, multi-bands, and balaclavas.

Port & Company Face Mask 50/50 Cotton/Poly Face Covering - Navy

Face Masks

First off, face masks can protect against dust; whether that’s at home, in construction, or industrial environments. It’s designed to cover the wearer’s mouth and nose. For the thinner versions, they can be a single use type of mask. The standard one size fits most applies to these types of masks.


Next up, multi-bands are versatile fabric with lots of ways to wear. It can be worn as a bandana, neck gaiter, headband, face mask, wrist band, and more. Multi-bans can be used to block wind, sun, and dust. The Ergodyne CORE 6485 Multi-Band has moisture wicking properties and anti-stink treatments. Applications for multi-bands include construction, landscaping, sports, and recreation.


Last but not least, balaclavas can give you that extra bit of warmth when it starts to get cold. Whether you’re trying to stay warm or look like a ninja you can’t go wrong. Get cold (or flame) protection for you head, neck, and face with the use of balaclavas.

Closing – Face Masks Can Help

In conclusion, face masks and coverings give relief from the weather and dust. Get quick drying fabric to keep you cooled off in the heat. Or bundle up with balaclavas for those cold months. Whatever the case, protect your head, neck, and face where it counts.

Disclaimer: Face covering is not intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Face covering is not intended for medical use. Face covering is not for protection against chemicals or other harmful substances.