Winter Balaclavas

Keep Your Head, Face, and Neck Warm with Winter Balaclavas

Need an extra layer to stay warm? Then take a look at winter balaclavas, a great way to stay warm. Cover up your head, neck, and face both on and off of the job site. Wear one by itself or under a hard hat; some even have velcro attachments to a hard hat suspension. Work harder and longer when you have reliable warmth from ear to ear. Below, we’ll take a look at what makes balaclavas a must have for the wind and cold.

What are Winter Balaclavas?

Ergodyne Balaclavas

First of all, a winter balaclava is a headgear to help keep your head, neck, and face warm. Or if you need extra protection from flame exposure. Generally, it’s also known as a balaclava helmet or ski mask. It’s made from some sort of cloth, depending on the warmth needed or type of job at hand. Everything from fleece, polyester, spandex, flame resistant and windproof material. Usually, only the eyes, nose and mouth are not protected. And the front of the whole face can sometimes stay unprotected as well.


Lastly, the brands that we carry are Bulwark, Ergodyne, OccuNomix, and Pyramex. All are of good quality and sure to keep you warm when you need it the most. If you need even more winter safety gear you may want to check out safety jackets, work gloves and or liners. It’s all about dressing in layers.
Don’t let mother nature give you a tough time this winter. With winter balaclavas you’ll stay protected from the harsh elements. Common applications include various outdoor or cold storage types of jobs. Construction, freight, delivery, landscaping, warehousing, and material handling are to name a few. Designed to keep workers warm and comfortable, balaclavas are a no-brainer. Or just for those who want to play outside in the cold. They can be used for running, skiing, backpacking, and any other winter sport. Choose a style that works for you!