Global Glove FrogWear HV

Global Glove FrogWear HV Safety Clothing

Global Glove FrogWear HV is more than gloves – they stock protective clothing as well. It’s a little harder to see compared to the rest of their logo, but they do have ‘Safety Manufacturing’ in there. Their high visibility clothing consists of safety vests, shirts, jackets, rainwear and more.

Global Glove FrogWear HV Safety Vests

Global Glove FrogWear HV

Global Glove FrogWear
GLO-315LED Type R Class 3 Two-Tone LED Surveyor Safety Vest

First, we’ll cover their extensive line of safety vests. FrogWear HV safety vests come in many different styles. Including a newer style called “enhanced night visibility with illuminated safety vests.” One vest is equipped with photoluminescent trim (GLO-077) to make you even more visible in the dark. Or others that have LED lights and feature a variety of light patterns. These particular vests are perfect for those low light conditions.

Next up on the list are the Premium Vest Styles that are a step above the average safety vests. They excel in comfort, class, and convenience. With two-tone contrasting trim, they give a boost to standing out and visible.

Surveyor Safety vests are for those who need functionality and pockets. They come in ANSI Type R Class 2 and Class 3 compliance. Surveyors and engineers benefit with features such as iPad or map pockets and mic tabs. So, go with the surveyor vest if you need to carry more than the normal safety vests.

When you don’t want to break the bank over a safety vest then give Global Glove’s economy safety vests a peak. They have vests that still meet ANSI standards. Or if you don’t need to meet compliance – non-ANSI vests are available as well; enough visibility to keep you seen and safe.

ANSI Rated

Global Glove FrogWear HV also comes in ANSI Type R Class 2 and Class 3 safety vests. Type R Class 3 vests (or apparel) is for workers requiring the highest level of visibility. And have high levels of tasks while needing to stay visible throughout. Whereas, Type R Class 2 apparel is for workers exposed to traffic traveling over 25 mph. Or work against complex backgrounds like a construction site. There are plenty of styles between the two classes – such as adjustable, breakaway, two-tone, etc.

Shirts – Global Glove FrogWear HV

Then there are safety shirts when a vest won’t do. Vests can feel bulky sometimes and the extra layer of apparel might be too much in the heat. FrogWear HV Shirts give you the performance and let you stay perfectly visible. Choose from the short sleeve and long sleeve options – with varying degrees of ANSI compliance. Get segmented silver reflective tape to feel even less restricted in a safety shirt.

FrogWear HV Safety Jackets

Safety jackets help when the weather isn’t playing nice. Most of the safety jackets by Global Glove have black bottoms and sleeve ends;  that is to hide dirt and grime. Styles include winter parkas, softshell jackets, sweatshirts, and bomber jackets. The eight-in-one bomber jacket (GLO-B2) lets you remove plenty of layers so that you can use it for every season.

Stay Dry with Their Rainwear

And last but not least, is the rainwear by Global Glove. Pick from ponchos, rain jackets, pants, suits, and raincoats. Don’t let the rain keep you from getting work done. For flame-retardant and rain protection, check out their GLO-1400, GLO-1450, or GLO-1700.

Global Glove FrogWear HV
Global Glove FrogWear GLO-8000 Type R Class 3 Three-Piece Rain Suit


In conclusion, Global Glove FrogWear HV lets you stay seen and safe when it matters the most. That’s whether you need a safety vest that glows in the dark to a 3-in-1 piece rain suit. Other notable FrogWear gear includes safety pants, ranger hats, beanies, and caps. Global Glove also manufactures gloves, safety eyewear (Bullhead), cooling products and much more.  With the majority of the Global Glove FrogWear HV being ANSI Type R Class 2 and 3 rated. Look no further for durable high visibility protective clothing and hope into safety.