Global Glove: New Arrival Work Gloves


As a leader in the safety equipment industry, Global Glove consistently delivers high-quality hand protection solutions. We are thrilled to announce our latest arrivals, each designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. This season’s new additions include leather, disposable, performance, rubber, and string knit style gloves, ensuring that no matter the task, there’s a perfect glove for you.

Disposable Gloves: Convenience and Hygiene

Firstly, Global Glove expands its disposable glove lineup with the latest additions to the Panther-Guard series. These powder-free industrial gloves provide reliable protection against chemicals, punctures, and contamination. Also, this makes them perfect for medical, laboratory, and food service applications. Panther-Guard disposable gloves comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Available in orange or black color nitrile, FrogWear disposable gloves ensure maximum hygiene and convenience for single-use scenarios.

General Purpose Gloves: Enhanced Dexterity

Furthermore, our performance glove category welcomes new arrivals from the Tsunami Grip series. Designed for tasks requiring enhanced dexterity and grip, these string knit work gloves feature advanced coatings and materials that offer superior tactile sensitivity. Some general-purpose gloves have a 15-gauge seamless gray nylon/spandex shell and a black New Foam Technology nitrile coating on the palm. Also, the Tsunami Grip gloves excel for automotive, assembly, and maintenance work.

Rubber & Performance Gloves: Versatile and Durable

Also, the latest Ice Gripster and FrogWear series gloves in the rubber and performance glove collection are engineered for superior performance in wet and cold conditions. These gloves provide excellent grip and flexibility, even in freezing temperatures, making them perfect for outdoor work, fishing, and food processing. The Ice Gripster gloves ensure that your hands stay warm and dry without sacrificing dexterity. Likewise, FrogWear rubber gloves offer chemical resistance and a nitrile double-dipped shell with excellent dry, wet, or oily grip.

String Knit Gloves: Comfortable and Breathable

Plus, Global Glove introduces new string knit gloves in the Samurai series, known for their ANSI cut resistance and lightweight design. These gloves are ideal for tasks requiring breathability and comfort, such as warehousing, packaging, and general handling. The Samurai series offers a perfect blend of protection and comfort. Also, features include touchscreen sensitivity, insulation, hi-vis colors, and extra grip. This ensures your hands remain safe without compromising on flexibility.

Tailored for Specific Needs

Finally, our new Vise Gripster C.I.A. string knit gloves are a must-have for professionals needing unparalleled grip and impact protection. These high-visibility work gloves feature innovative grip patterns and reinforced TPU padding. This makes them perfect for high-impact tasks in construction, demolition, and heavy machinery operation. Also, enjoy additional features like foam rubber palms, knit wrists, and a water-repellent shell. The Vise Gripster C.I.A. gloves ensure you maintain a firm hold on your tools and materials, enhancing safety and efficiency.


In conclusion, Global Glove’s new arrivals cater to the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. Whether you need the timeless durability of leather, the convenience of disposables, the high-tech protection of performance gloves, the resistance of rubber, or the comfort of string knit gloves, we have you covered. Explore our latest offerings in the Ice Gripster, FrogWear, Panther-Guard, Samurai, Tsunami Grip, and Vise Gripster C.I.A. series and experience the unmatched quality and innovation that Global Glove is known for. Stay protected and stay productive with Global Glove’s new arrivals!