Illuminate Your Workday with Hard Hat Accessory Lights


Hard hat accessory lights are essential tools that provide the necessary illumination to keep workers safe and productive, regardless of the time of day or work conditions. Whether you’re working in construction, mining, or any other field that requires a hard hat, integrating the right light accessories can make a world of difference. When it comes to safety on the job site, visibility is key.

Styles of Hard Hat Accessory Lights

Cap Lights: Firstly, these compact lights attach directly to the brim of a hard hat, offering a focused beam of light wherever you turn your head. Cap lights from Global Glove are perfect for tasks that require precision and close-up work. They are lightweight and often come with adjustable brightness settings to suit different needs. The Frogwear series of high-visibility rechargeable lights include 3M Scotchlite reflective tape. Also, these cap lights feature 13 bright white LED lights and a rechargeable battery box. This provides continuous usage without having to carry extra batteries. Select from three different light patterns including solid, steady blink, and burst blink.

Headlamps: Also, for broader illumination, headlamps are an excellent choice. These lights are mounted on an adjustable headband that fits around the hard hat. Headlamps provide hands-free lighting with a wide beam, making them ideal for tasks that require a full range of motion and ample light. Many headlamps offer features like multiple light modes, tiltable heads, and long battery life. Plus, find options from best-selling brands like LIFT Safety, Ergodyne Skullerz, Portwest, and Bullard.

Light Mounts: In addition, for those who need even more versatility, light mounts allow you to attach different types of lights to your hard hat. This option is perfect for workers who need to switch between different lighting tools throughout their day. Light mounts provide a stable and secure base for lights, ensuring they stay in place. Also, find silicone or fabric strap options from Ergodyne Skullerz. The one size fits most design adjusts for a custom and secure fit.

Top Brands Offering Hard Hat Accessory Lights

Bullard: Known for its durable and innovative hard hats, Bullard offers the LITE360 accessory hard hat lights. The features include a pivoting headlamp, six peripheral lights, and multiple lighting modes. Their lights provide reliable performance and long-lasting illumination.

Ergodyne: While Ergodyne’s line of hard hat lights includes options like the Skullerz series with powerful LEDs; they also offer a range of accessory lights. Ergodyne lights enhance worker safety and efficiency. In addition to light mounts, find Skullerz series headlamps like the 8981 and 8978.

Global Glove: Furthermore, offering a variety of safety solutions, Global Glove provides rechargeable LED hard hat lights that are both affordable and effective. The Frogwear series of high-visibility lights are lightweight and effective in dark work environments.

More Brands

LIFT Safety: Moreover, LIFT Safety combines innovation with functionality in their hard hat lights. Their products often feature advanced lighting technology, including rechargeable batteries and high-lumen outputs, ensuring that workers have access to top-tier illumination. The Arclite universal headlamp from LIFT illuminates objects up to 80 meters away.

Portwest: Finally, Portwest’s hard hat lights include user-friendly features like easy attachment systems, adjustable light angles, and rechargeable batteries. Portwest head lamps provide a beam distance of 55 yards. Also, the ultra-bright 100 lumen light is ideal for night reading, car repairs, or other nighttime jobs.


In conclusion, incorporating hard hat accessory lights into your work gear is a smart move for anyone looking to improve safety and efficiency. Whether you prefer cap lights, headlamps, or light mounts, there’s a perfect solution out there for your needs. Brands like Bullard, Ergodyne, Global Glove, LIFT Safety, and Portwest offer hard hat accessory lights that ensure you stay illuminated and visible, no matter where your work takes you. Enhance your visibility and productivity with the right hard hat accessory lights, and keep your workday shining bright.