Portwest Safety Products


Outfitting workers since 1904, Portwest Safety Products is a global leader in safetywear, workwear, and PPE. With over a hundred years of experience, this brand continues to be innovative. And through thoughtful research and design Portwest has created a product range worth checking out.

A Trusted Brand

First of all, Portwest has Irish roots. And this brand has immigrated to America’s shores like so many before it. Now globally recognized, they have become a leader in the US market. They are best known for their high visibility safety gear and uniform apparel. And there are lightweight to heavy-duty styles. Workers in a variety of industries benefit from modern and innovative designs that make Portwest unique.

And with a primary focus on safety gear, Portwest high visibility apparel includes a variety of styles. There are safety vests, shirts, jackets, and pants. And most come in colors like orange and yellow/lime. Silver reflective tape makes most styles ANSI class rated. They are job site approved and worn by industrial, highway, and construction workers. Portwest safety apparel comes in sizes for men and women so there is always a good comfortable fit.

Real-World Safety

Also, with a nod toward innovation and keeping up with trends, Portwest has some unique safety designs. With 2020 having so many firsts, this year has also brought about the “Social Distancing” mesh safety vest. The pre-printed vest has imagery reminding those around you to maintain a safe 6-foot distance. The hi-vis reflective vest comes in sizes up to 6XL. And have pockets and a zipper closure.

Another interesting departure from the basic is the Portwest hi-vis safety vests with built-in LED lights. And they have them incorporated into the silver reflective trim on the front and back of the vests. The LED lights help maximize visibility in low to no light environments. And these vests have other features like pockets, ID holder, and mic tabs for radios. Wear them on the job site to enhance your visibility to others during the day or at night.

Hi-Vis & More

In addition to safety vests, Portwest safety products include work apparel that holds up to the elements. And choose from hi-vis safety jackets, coveralls, sweatshirts, and pants. They meet ANSI Class 2 and 3 safety ratings. They have features like waterproof seams, hoods, pockets, and breathable fabrics. And hi-vis accessories like hats and sun shields help protect you from the sun and heat. Portwest designs their gear to be comfortable and provide the protection you need.

While high visibility apparel is a large segment of Portwest, so too is their uniform workwear. Series like the Iona Plus work pant use the latest innovations for performance and functionality. Advanced construction techniques provide flexibility and an adjustable fit. And HiVisTex Pro reflective tape on most of Portwest’s apparel helps enhance your visibility. Also enjoy painters pants, ripstop stretch pants, and industrial work pants with a variety of features.

Details that Count

Finally, industrial work shirts complete your uniform attire. Portwest button-down and polo shirts are professional and made to last. They have front pockets, lined collars, and moisture-wicking fabric. And other features include UPF rated fabric that blocks UV rays and mesh panels for ventilation. There are short and long-sleeved work shirts in several colors including hi-vis.

In conclusion, Portwest Safety Products is a brand trusted by workers around the globe with over a hundred years of experience. Through thoughtful and innovative designs they remain a leader in job site safety gear. And with styles for men and women, you can trust they will work as hard as you do.