Hard Hat Challenge

Hard Hat Challenge – Keep Hard Hat Use for Safety

The “hard hat challenge” is one of the latest trends sweeping across the US. Social media has a tendency to get us to do things that we may regret. This one let’s construction workers test their luck by flipping a hard hat onto their head. There are many videos of people successfully pulling this challenge off. But it’s the failures that are amusing and attracting more views for the hard hat challenge. Using safety gear outside it’s intended use could cause injury – if used in a “non-safe” manner.

Hard Hat Challenge – What Goes Up Must Come Down

First, the construction worker would place the hard hat on a shovel, laying on the ground. If positioned correctly, they would then jump onto the shovel throwing the hard hat into the air. And the object of the challenge is to catch the hard hat – with your head. Except hard hats are not exactly light. They weight from about 1 to 2 lbs which can be close the weight of a soup can. Wear hard hats to protect from injury, not cause them.

Hard hats are ANSI rated for a reason, which is to keep us safe. Whereas the hard hat challenge could potentially cause us harm. Choose between a full brim or cap style – the most common styles. If the job site does not require you to wear a hard hat, a bump cap could be acceptable. With a variety of colors and styles, it’s easy to find your perfect match for the job. Add customization to stand out with your company name or logo.

In conclusion, hard hats are designed to protect our heads, not to hurt them. No matter how thick our skulls can be sometimes, our brains are very delicate. Hard hats should stick to staying put on top of our heads to protect from falling objects or side impacts. So, whether you’re at a construction site or trying to impress your coworkers – play it safe and think with your head. And maybe skip the hard hat challenge.