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Ironcat Safety Products

Ironcat safety products are the ultimate authority in protective gear for welders. They offer durable PPE that’s tailored to the different types of welding. Ironcat products such as welding apparel and welding gloves provide excellent heat resistance. Professional welders are at risk when it comes to handling welding equipment. Identifying the right type of protection needed for the job is key.

Welding Apparel

Firstly, designed with premium flame and heat protection, Ironcat welding apparel will keep you safe. When things are getting a little hot, users should want welding apparel that is going to be durable. The apparel that they specialize in are jackets, bibs, aprons, and sleeves. They’re made with split leather, FR-treated cotton, and Kevlar.

The Ironcat 7000 is a Split Leather Welding Cape Sleeve. It’s constructed with tanned split leather and stitched Kevlar. Both of these add heat resistance and protection from sparks. Pair this welding cape sleeve with the 7001 welding bib for more heat protection.

Welding apparel is ideal for steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing, and more.

Welding Gloves | Ironcat Safety Products

Next, Ironcat welding gloves (from PIP) are ideal for Stick, MIG, and TIG welding. And they provide durable heat protection. Welding glove options and styles include cut, impact, puncture, and abrasion resistance.

Stick Welding

This type of welding provides maximum heat protection and durability. Stick welding differs from the other types welding (MIG / TIG) since it uses the electrode. It’s also one of the oldest, easiest, and cost efficient of the three types of welding. Because of this, it’s one of the more popular methods – a common choice for hobby welding and beginners. The downside is, it’s not as neat as the other two methods – MIG & TIG. The Ironcat 9020 Premium Cowhide Leather Welders Gloves provide lots of protection. Its Select Shoulder Split leather provides comfort, abrasion resistance, breathability, and durability. And to top it off, it’s stitched with Kevlar to add strength and burn resistance. Some applications include farm, structural, heavy industrial mining, and industrial fabrication.

MIG Welding

Then there is the type of welding glove called “MIG” Welding. Also, known as “metal inert gas” welding. MIG welding works using an electrical arc. Once set up, the welding process is easy. It’s described as the “hot glue gun of welding.” Glove types for MIG put dexterity and comfort first while providing heat protection. The Ironcat 6030, is a Premium Split Deerskin leather MIG glove. They’re ideal for welding and hot material handling. Then the deerskin provides dexterity and flexibility. Also, it’s stitched with Kevlar to add strength and burn resistance. Then applications include tack welding, automotive, industrial structural, and heavy-duty repair.

TIG Welding

Lastly, the TIG welding gloves give precision and durability. Also known as “tungsten inert gas” welding. The TIG process is by far the cleanest, most efficient, and beautiful welds. The 9073 Ironcat Goatskin TIG gloves is soft with abrasion-resistant leather. It’s recommended for applications that need fine use of fingers. This glove also uses a split leather gauntlet cuff for added forearm protection. And the cuff allows for easy off and on of the glove. Applications include automotive, manufacturing, pipeline, and refinery.

Conclusion | Ironcat Safety Products

In conclusion, when the heat turns up, stay safe with Ironcat safety products. Their products give durable protection for welders. Choose PPE that fits the right type of welding; MIG, TIG, or Stick welding. Welding safety products styles also include HRC and ANSI rated for the jobsite. PIP (Protective Industrial Products) is a supplier of PPE. And other brands (from PIP) for welding protection include: Caiman and West Chester. Welding can be dangerous – whether that involves gas, flame, or sparks. Leave nothing to chance; protect yourself with Ironcat safety products.


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