PIP Welding Apparel & Gloves


Tailored for different types of welding, PIP welding apparel and gloves give you the protection you need. A trusted brand for safety gear and workwear, Protective Industrial Products (PIP) has expanded its professional welding protection apparel line. From durable leather gloves to aprons and chaps, they have the gear you need to stay safe.

PIP Welding

First of all, welding is a profession that comes with inherent risks. And depending on the type of welding, these risks may include sparks, flames, and high temperatures. Wearing protective gear to reduce the risk of injuries is of critical importance to those working in this industry. PIP has been in the business of protecting people for over 30 years. And they achieve this through innovative products and a keen sense of high-grade PPE.

While best known for glove series like the MaxiFlex or G-Tek, PIP welding gloves must also meet requirements for durability, heat resistance, and heavy material handling. And all feature premium leathers. High-performance welding gloves consist of cowhide, deerskin, pigskin, or goatskin leather. These work gloves also feature a gauntlet style cuff which extends the protection past your wrist. And some styles use DuPont Kevlar stitching for added strength and burn resistance.

Perform at your Best

In addition to Kevlar, some PIP welding gloves like the 1448 Caiman feature HeatFlect aluminized insulation. This reflects radiant heat and is ideal for stick welding applications. And for Mig Tig welding, consider wearing top grain goatskin leather gloves. These offer the most abrasion resistance and are useful in applications requiring tactile sensitivity. Cowhide Mig Tig gloves tend to offer more breathability without sacrificing durability.

Furthermore, the varieties of leather options are part of series like the PIP Blue Bison, Red Viper, and the best selling Caiman. Find welding gloves in other leathers like deerskin and pigskin. And they have features like puncture resistance and insulated liners. The Caiman series symbolizes top-of-the-line quality and advanced styling. These high performance gloves provide premium protection for welders and utility workers.

Premium Leather Series

Because welding protection doesn’t stop at the hands, PIP welding apparel has you covered. And this includes the Caiman and Boarhide series. Boarhide is garment-grade high-quality pigskin leather. And it is suitable in multi-task welding, MIG, TIG, and Stick welding applications. PIP offers a variety of apparel and accessories made with Boarhide material. And this includes electrode holders, jackets, aprons, and chaps.

Almost all the Boarhide welding garments have superior cut, abrasion, and heat resistance. And this is lighter and cooler than cowhide leather options. Some also feature Kevlar stitching for enhanced protection. The Caiman series from PIP includes Boarhide, but also flame-resistant cotton. And found in FR garments like Caiman aprons and sleeves.

In conclusion, PIP welding apparel and gloves is performance-grade workwear designed for function and safety. PIP achieves this with durable leathers and innovative designs. And they are ideal for multi-task, MIG, TIG, and Stick welding applications.