Krylon Industrial Products – Paints & Primers For Tough Jobs


The Industrial Side of Paint

Use paints and coatings designed for contractors and industrial needs. Krylon Industrial Products is a series formulated for tough jobs. This includes marking and striping paint and industrial and commercial coatings. From the sports field to a warehouse floor, Krylon has products sold in bulk quantities for the task at hand.

First of all, Krylon Industrial includes marking paint and chalks. They’re sold under the Line-Up and Quik-Mark brand names. Inverted aerosol marking paint and chalk have many uses. Athletic field marking paint is ideal for school, park, and sports team fields. The paint will adhere to the grass and not stain clothing. Krylon Quik-Mark marking chalk’s formulation lasts approximately 30 days. It’s used for temporary markings on communication, electric and utility jobs. Also, there are tools to help apply the marking paint. Striping machines and marking wands create clean, crisp lines with little effort. Krylon marking paint comes in many different colors. These paints come in case quantity aerosol cans or gallon pails.

Krylon Striping Paint

Krylon Striping Paint

Professional Results

Another series of industrial paint works well with roads and parking lots. Furthermore, Krylon pavement striping paint is also part of the Line-Up brand. Highly pigmented formulas provide crisp, sharp eye-catching lines. The fast drying pavement paint is long-lasting. And durable for outdoor use. For best results and consistent lines use Krylon striping machines. Use the paint on curbs, parking lots and streets. It’s available in several colors like white, yellow and red. Yellow is the most popular color. Most of all, it conforms to U.S. Bureau of Public Roads colors. Line-Up striping paint is solvent or water-based.

In addition to the Line-Up brand, Krylon has MRO industrial paints. Select from Acryli-Quik lacquer, Rust Tough enamel, or Tough Coat epoxy. These paints are for general and special purpose maintenance. Acryli-Quik creates a hard, protective and durable finish. And it dries to the touch in 12 minutes. Krylon Rust Tough is a must-have for the job site. This product adheres to wood, metal, and steel without the need for a primer. It dries to the touch within 25 minutes. Rust Tough comes in many different colors and provides lasting corrosion protection. Krylon Tough Coat epoxy works best on metals, motors, and machinery. And it has a high-solids formula. Therefore, it works on steel bars, railings, and pipes.

Krylon High Heat Coating

Krylon High Heat Coating

Krylon Industrial Bulk Products

Finally, the last series of industrial products are coatings. Krylon sells these in commercial bulk pail quantities. The coatings include Fast Dry and Weld-Thru primers. This segment of products works best for the welding and construction industries. There are multi-purpose epoxies and alkyds. Also, high-heat coatings. Krylon Alkyd enamel gloss is chip and flake resistant once hardened. It’s used for new construction on pipes, pumps, and railings. Most Krylon industrial coatings hold up to moisture and are for interior or exterior use.

In conclusion, Krylon has a broad range of industrial products. Popular series like the Line-Up and Quik-Mark brands have a variety of uses. Fast dry times, highly pigmented colors, and low-cost bulk quantities make Krylon an industry leader.