Make Your Mark with Krylon Marking Paint


With a known brand like Krylon for marking paint, you know you’re getting those bright and crisp lines. But it may not be clear, what kind of marking style of paint is best for the job. So, we broke down some of the most common kinds of marking paint.

Athletic Field Marking Paint

This type of marking paint, athletic field, is common for schools and community events. Fields such as football, marching band, soccer, or baseball. With leaving a minimal impact on the environment, it’s perfect to show off those team colors. It’s able to stick to grass, dirt or other types of athletic surfaces. But careful enough not to stick to your uniform. Here’s a quick guide for athletic striping.

Water Based vs Solvent Based

With all the different kinds of paint out there, it’s good to know the correct base to paint with. When people may come in contact with the paint, such as a sporting even with the athletic field paint. You’re generally going to use a water base paint. Why? Because it’s safer the environment and people. And plus, it will fade or wash away with water over time. Whereas, a solvent based paint is on there for good. You would need a solvent to remove the paint. It does contain more chemicals, which give it it’s sticking power.

Inverted Marking Paint

Next, we have inverted paint which one would spray at a downward angle. With inverted marking paint, you can get it in water or solvent based paint. Used many times for marking utilities, surveys, construction, excavation or ground marking. Dries fast as well as allowing you to paint on hot surfaces.

Marking Chalk

Another type of paint is marking chalk, which the name might give it away. It’s used for many of the same things that the inverted marking paint used. Perfect for the temporary marking of roads, pavement, gravel, and grass. This non-toxic paint only lasts about 30 days before it will disappear. Or can be removed with brush and wire.

Tallboy Marking Paint

These Tallboys are good if you’re wanting more paints in your can. They have almost 30% more paint than the original cans (22 oz compared to the 17 oz). Increase productivity without having to replaces the paint as often.

Overhead Marking Paint

Last but not least, we have the overhead paint. This paint sprays in an upward position and generates low odor. It’s able to dry fast and penetrate onto uneven surfaces. Some uses include mines, bridges, and excavations.

With great knowledge about the types of Krylon marking paint, comes great paint responsibility. So get out there and leave your mark!

Edit: If you’re not quite in need of marking paint but still need Krylon paint, you want to look into field striping or industrial paint.