LIFT Hard Hats – Superior Comfort & Impact Protection


While there are many choices for hard hats, few provide superior comfort and impact protection like LIFT hard hats. This somewhat new safety brand has emerged as a leader in technologically advanced safety gear. And through innovation and style, LIFT has worked to engineer some of the finest hard hats available today.

LIFT Hard Hat Origins

First of all, LIFT hard hats are a California-based company that has its origins in the sports industry. And for over 30 years the company has outfitted athletes with protective gear. It wasn’t long before LIFT safety products were born and began to redefine personal protective equipment for industrial workers. And their best-selling series of hard hats like the DAX, Fifty 50, and Briggs are now household names, found on job sites across the country. Let’s take a look at what makes these different from the ordinary.

While LIFT hard hats have grown to include several different series, one of the best-selling is the DAX. There are cap and full brim style DAX hard hats. And each style meets ANSI Type I safety requirements. All the LIFT DAX series hard hats have an exclusive brim grip. This provides a secure feel while taking your hard hat on or off. A hand-laid fiber-reinforced resin shell provides superior impact protection. And a 6-point suspension system includes an oversized ratcheting fitment dial that is easy to grip even with gloves on. LIFT DAX series hard hats come in several colors including high-visibility.

Innovative Carbon Fiber

And most noteworthy, LIFT DAX series leads the industry with the Fifty 50 carbon fiber hard hat. This popular hard hat goes beyond the ordinary with protection almost unmatched by its competitors. The Fifty 50 series of carbon fiber hard hats provide protection for some of the most dangerous industries. The shell protects from radiant heat loads in temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. And with temps that high, the moisture-wicking foam liner that reduces sweat build-up comes in handy.

In addition, the LIFT DAX Fifty 50 carbon fiber hard hats have all the same features and suspension as the rest of the series, but provide increased ANSI Type I Class C protection you can count on. The triple reinforced crown provides superior impact protection and a synthetic leather Clarino® comfort dome provides additional shock absorption. And there are cap and full brim styles in several different colors and patterns. Some of the newest options include the desert and jungle camo prints. With all these features, it might be time to upgrade your standard plastic hard hat to the LIFT carbon fiber DAX Fifty 50.

Budget Friendly LIFT

Because the DAX series does come with a higher price point, it might interest you to try out LIFT Briggs series hard hats first. These cap, full brim, vented, and short brim style safety helmets are a good introduction to the LIFT brand. And don’t let the affordable prices fool you. These are traditional plastic hard hats with a sophisticated style. And they feature a 6-point suspension that protects against overhead impacts. Select from several different colors, each meeting ANSI Type I safety standards.

Another sign of LIFT’s progression into an industry-leading status is the addition of a new series, the LIFT RADIX. And continuing innovative and adaptable designs, the RADIX series of vented safety helmets meet ANSI Type II Safety standards. A modular design with an attached chin strap makes them ideal for working at heights, in confined spaces, or on the ground. And a LUX suspension system keeps them secure. The LIFT RADIX series also has 6 external built-in attachment points. You can add accessories like headlamps and hearing protection.

Maintain & Promote

Finally, maintain and extend the life of your LIFT hard hat with replacement parts and accessories. And this includes replacement suspensions and brow pads. They are easy to install and help you maintain job site safety regulations. LIFT also offers accessories like neck shades. Use these during the warm weather season to help keep the sun off your neck and provide cooling relief. And all the LIFT hard hat series are also customizable with your name or logo. This is an excellent way of promoting your brand or business.

In conclusion, LIFT hard hats and safety helmets continue to evolve with over 20 years of industry-leading designs. And while they are best known for carbon fiber hard hats, new series continue to hit the market and set the standard for comfort and safety. Swap your old traditional hard hat for a LIFT hard hat and stand out on the job site.