Stay Visible with OccuNomix Hi-Viz Clothing


OccuNomix hi-viz clothing can help you stay visible and safe. A few examples include construction sites, roadways, inclement weather, or events. Safety should always be a priority, especially with low visibility. With hi-viz colors like yellow/lime and orange, you’ll always stand out. Hi-viz clothing consists of safety vests, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, rainwear and more! We’ll discuss what OccuNomix has to offer for high visibility and dependable safety.

Safety Vests – OccuNomix Hi-Viz Clothing

OccuNomix Safety Vest

OccuNomix Safety Vest

Safety vests are a staple in the field of hi-viz clothing and OccuNomix understands this. No two jobs are the same so the types of safety vest will vary depending on one’s needs. Meet your ANSI class 2 or 3 certified vest requirements here with our OccuNomix. From mesh to solid, surveyor, expandable, two-tone, fr, break away and much more. With no pockets to lots of pockets, the choice is yours.

Keep Warm with OccuNomix Safety Jackets and Sweatshirts

When the temperature starts to drop, look no further than OccuNomix safety jackets. Perfect for working in cold conditions while still keeping visibility to the max. Black bottom safety jackets are perfect for hiding dirt and grime during and after a job. For more of a lightweight safety jacket, try OccuNomix safety sweatshirts. Still, keeps you warm and visible without a heavy jacket. Styles include hoodies or pullover sweatshirts; as well as zipper closures.

Safety Shirts

OccuNomix Safety T-Shirt

OccuNomix Safety T-Shirt

Need a change from the safety vest? Well, then you may want to consider high visibility safety shirts. Class 2 or 3 ANSI compliant, with an option for a non-ANSI version as well. Safety shirts still provide the same degree of visibility and safety requirements. Materials used are often a moisture wicking material such as birdseye polyester mesh. Making it lightweight and very breathable. Perfect for those who spend quite a bit outdoors in the heat.

Rain, rain everywhere – Rainwear



OccuNomix Classic Rain Jacket

OccuNomix Classic Breathable Rain Jacket

Next up, we’ll continue with high visibility rain gear by OccuNomix. It rains all over the United States, with some areas getting much more rain than others. Stay dry with OccuNomix rainwear such as rain pants and jackets. ANSI compliant with reflective striping. Made with lightweight breathable waterproof and windproof fabric.

Conclusion – OccuNomix Hi-Viz Clothing for All

In conclusion, whatever your hi-viz apparel need OccuNomix has you covered. From low light, bad weather or everyday use safety should always be priority number one. Even with a standard safety vest, your visibility rises significantly. Choose OccuNomix hi-viz clothing to keep yourself seen!