PIP Safety Products

PIP – Protective Industrial Products

Founded in 1984 out of a growing need for PPE in America, Protective Industrial Products, better known as PIP, began with basic cotton work gloves. And as time went on this need for gloves and new safety products led to acquisitions and the partnership with brands like ATG, JSP, Bouton, and West Chester. All this has helped them to become the industry leader they are today.

PIP’s Mainstay

First of all, PIP’s innovative products and popular brands like the MaxiFlex and G-Tek gloves have given them a following among workers. Their fit, form, and function are almost unrivaled in the market. Because hand protection is one of PIP’s biggest segments, they have a variety of glove styles for almost every industry. And this includes disposable, performance, string knit, leather, and cotton style work gloves. These gloves have features like cut-resistance, coated palms, extra grip, and hi-vis colors.

And PIP has broadened its glove range through acquiring brands like West Chester and ATG. ATG Intelligent Glove Solutions brought on the best-selling MaxiFlex series of coated string knit gloves. With breathable yet cut-resistant micro-foam nitrile material and extra grip, this series has set the benchmark for glove technology. And West Chester Protective Gear introduced the PosiGrip and Extreme Work series of seamless knit and performance gloves to PIP’s offerings.

Job Site Safety

In addition to gloves, safety glasses and goggles from Bouton Optical are part of PIP’s eye protection lineup. Bouton safety glasses come in styles for men and women. These ANSI Z87.1 rated glasses and goggles include bifocal, polarized, anti-fog, mirror, and welding styles. And from traditional glasses to pink Lady Eva glasses, this eyewear helps you stay protected from dust, dirt, and debris – and look good doing it.

Another safety segment to make note of is head protection. Hard hats from PIP include the 4200 series, Dynamic, and those from JSP. Let’s start with 4200 series which features a lightweight shell and 4-point adjustable suspension. And they meet ANSI Type I Class E ratings. The Dynamic series is precision protection. Select from best-selling series like the Kilimanjaro, Rocky, and Whistler. PIP cap, full brim, and vented Dynamic hard hats perform in the most demanding work conditions. And made with state-of-the-art robotic assembly precision.

European Flair

While JSP hard hats are more of a household name in their native England, this brand is creating a following here in the US. And this is due to PIP introducing the European brand and giving American consumers a chance to see what makes them a standout in head protection. The JSP Evolution series of hard hats come in cap, full brim, and vented styles with a 6-point suspension system. And there are other series like the MK8 mining hard hat, Comfort Plus, and Aerolite non-ANSI bump caps.

Since protective work apparel is a growing segment of the industry, PIP has risen to meet the needs of workers. And this includes high visibility safety apparel, FR flame-resistant apparel, winter and cooling gear, and rainwear. Most hi-vis safety vests, jackets, and shirts meet ANSI safety ratings for the job site. And protective workwear is ideal for industries like welding, construction, utility, and manufacturing. There are sizes for men and women.

Complete Protection

Because PIP’s offerings are so vast, there is still so much more they offer. And this includes hearing protection, body supports, and even first aid kits. Safety and emergency lights like eFlare beacons and flashing batons assist in traffic guidance. The company has expanded so much since its initial line-up of cotton work gloves. And this is to the benefit of workers and industries who can count on reliable PPE and safety gear.

In conclusion, PIP Protective Industrial Products is a brand you should know and one that continues to grow. For over 30 years they have outfitted America’s industrial, construction, welding, and emergency responders. And through new product lines and brand acquisition, provide the gear workers need to get the job done.