Pyramex Gloves – Perform at your Peak


Pyramex gloves bring hand protection to the next level. Founded in 1991 on the principle of delivering innovative PPE products, Pyramex Safety is an industry leader. The Pyramex glove line, including the new GL601 series, provides unmatched protection and comfort. From leather and performance gloves to coated string knit, learn why these should be the gloves you trust.

Get a Grip

First of all, Pyramex wants you and your needs to be at the core of product development. And they achieve this with new series like the GL601. The micro-foam nitrile gloves are tear and abrasion-resistant. And additional foam coating works like a sponge to increase gripping power. These low-cost string knit gloves come in several sizes, from small to 2XL. Wear these for premium tactile sensitivity and dexterity that get you through any task.

In addition, there are other Pyramex string knit style gloves that offer superior protection. The Poly-Torq polyurethane gloves have a low particulate shed. This is ideal for “clean room” type work where preventing contamination is paramount. And they grip well without being sticky. They are tear and abrasion-resistant. If you need liquid protection, wear Pyramex GL605 nitrile dipped gloves. The sandy nitrile palm gives excellent grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions. And they are ideal for HVAC, parts handling and utility industries.

Put them to the Test

Another style that says it all in the name is performance gloves. This line of hand protection serves multiple purposes. The Pyramex GL102 medium duty trade gloves have 2-layer stretch Spandex material. And they have touch screen function on 2 fingers and thumb. This makes using your phone, electronic devices, and tablets easy on the job site. Thicker neoprene on the knuckles and synthetic leather patches on palms add protection and comfort.

And for even more protection in this class, wear Pyramex heavy duty impact gloves. TPR on the fingers provide impact protection. EVA on the index finger and palm are good for abrasion and vibration resistance. And since Pyramex knows you work hard, built-in soft terry cloth on the back of the thumb is there for brow-wiping. And don’t’ sweat it, there are other styles too. The Maximum Duty series come in hi-vis colors and have a full cut-resistant lining.

Pyramex Industry Grade

Furthermore, natural materials can provide excellent hand protection as well. Wear Pyramex leather work gloves for an alternative to something synthetic. Made of premium cowhide, pigskin, and goatskin leather. And there are features like high visibility colors, keystone thumb, and gauntlet cuffs. Pyramex leather welding gloves have Kevlar stitching. And they are ideal for MIG/TIG welding, torch work, and steel mills. Traditional leather driver gloves provide protection for construction and carpentry work.

In conclusion, Pyramex work gloves offer full-spectrum coverage. From cut, abrasion and impact resistance to tactile sensitivity. They even have glove clip accessories that keep your gloves on a belt loop or tool belt. A series like the GL601 brings the protection that you can trust. Experience the difference Pyramex has to offer with innovation, quality, and value.