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Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat Head Protection

Pyramex Safety Products

An industry leader since 1991

Stay protected on the job site with Pyramex Ridgeline hard hats. Pyramex has been a leader in safety products since 1991 and makes a variety of items. Their PPE products include hard hats and head protection, work gloves, and safety glasses. They also manufacturer hi-vis apparel and hearing protection. Pyramex Ridgeline hard hats are designed lightweight yet durable. They offer high-performance impact protection with ABS material.

The helmets are available in 10 different colors and meet ANSI Z89.1 safety standards. This will meet the requirements for type 1 class C, G, and E. You have your choice of either pinlock or 4 and 6-point ratchet suspensions. Individual and customized comfort is important and you can adjust them to fit your head. The suspension band ratchet can adjust to fit from 6.5 to 8-inch hat sizes.

Stay safe and comfortable

When you wear a hard hat on the job site for long periods of time you want to make sure it offers a good fit and is comfortable. An improper fitting hard hat can not only cause discomfort, it can also be dangerous. Select from the cap, full brim, high visibility, and vented styles. Each style offers benefits such as sun protection, breathability, and durability.

You can also customize the hard hat with your company name or logo. This can help advertise and promote your business, as well as make your workers stand out on the job site. White hard hats are the easiest for us to customize and allow for the true color representation of your logo. With so many choices in head protection finding one that works for you is important and we are here to answer any of your questions.