Get More out of Your Hand Protection with Radians Gloves


Why Should You Consider Radians Gloves?

Hand injuries are some of the leading work-related injuries, topping in at second. Radians gloves can help with that by protecting the tools that are NOT replaceable. Plenty of workers refuse to wear gloves because they make it harder to complete tasks. Compromising safety to have mobility or dexterity of the hand and fingers. Or because a percentage wears the wrong type of glove for the application. It is important that employees use gloves designed for the hazards or tasks at hand. We’ll dive into the types Radians gloves has to offer and their applications.

First, we’re going to take a look at coated gloves. There are endless types of coated gloves on the market. Each one providing particular benefits depending on the work at hand. The types include PU palm coated, latex coated, nitrile foam, and plenty more. Primary features of this type involve a seamless design, knit back and a variety of gauges. Coated gloves are ideal for jobs that need a high sensitivity of touch and more than likely, strong grip. Some examples include construction, automotive, glass handling, and maintenance.

Keep the Cuts Away

Next, on the list consists of Radians cut-resistant gloves. The demand for this type of glove has increased over the years as the need for safety rises. Made from composite yarns and particular coatings for superior cut resistance. The biggest factors of importance is the dexterity and comfort. Gauge level and cut level will vary depending on the task. With new standards for ANSI cut levels, it’s more important to pick the right glove. Used in areas that deal with glass, meat processing or heavy sheet metal.

Last but not least, are the impact resistant gloves, also called anti-impact gloves. These Radians gloves have rubber pads over the top of the hand and fingers. To protect against crushing blows. Another common feature is the padded palms or extra grip. Industries that use this type would be automotive, oil drilling and heavy manufacturing.

Radians gloves and other safety gear come in many shapes and styles, with good reason of course. The jobs are endless and safety is always a priority. Even when the risk is minimal, it’s better to be safe. Because hands are the tools that we can’t replace. Take care of them now and they’ll take care of you.