Radians Rain Gear: New Radwear Series


Radians Rain Gear

Radians is a leader in PPE gear and recently this year announced new additions to their Radwear rain gear line. Traditional hi-vis ANSI rain gear protects from the elements with waterproof materials and double weld seams. The new Radians rain gear released has style names like the ERW, DriRad, AquaRad, DuraRad, and Fortress. Updated styles come with features like detachable hoods, vented cape backs, and adjustable cuffs.

The new generation of Radwear rain gear has the ability to protect you from the rain or while working outdoors. It is also useful in other work environments as well. This includes work with hazardous materials, chemicals, construction, or food processing. Durable industrial grade PVC material and hi-vis colors protect workers from dirt and moisture. They are also available in a variety of sizes.

We add new items to our inventory often. We would like to share with you the benefits and advancements manufacturers like Radians are making to their PPE safety gear.