Neese Industries Joins Radians Safety


Neese is a respected name in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) industry. If you’ve searched for quality rain gear and FR apparel, then you’ve more than likely heard that name. Now, Neese is hoping to broaden their horizons and reach tons of new customers with Radians.

As of May 22nd, 2018 Neese joined the Radians family of trusted brands. Bill England, president of Radians, had a few words about the new partnership. “Purchasing Neese allows us to combine strengths and offer innovative products to our customers.”

The Meaning of FR

Then you may be asking, what does FR stand for? And what does the partnership between Neese and Radians mean for you? First, let’s start with this question: the meaning of FR. After that, we’ll talk about how this benefits you. FR refers to either Flame Resistant or Flame Retardant clothing. FR clothing reduces the risk of an injury on the job relating to fire hazards. Keep in mind; FR clothing is not 100% fireproof. Furthermore, in the event of ignition, FR clothing will not burn as much as non-FR materials. Second, did you know there is a difference in the meanings of flame resistant and flame retardant? Flame resistant means material that will resist flames, embers, and ignition sources naturally. In contrast, flame retardant means the material is chemically treated to resist flame.

Next, how does this new partnership between Neese and Radians affect you? Above all, it brings industry-leading rain gear and FR clothing closer to you. Ordering both Neese and Radians products in one simple order has never been easier.  Neese has been the industry leader in FR clothing and rain gear for years. As a result, you can be sure that you’re getting top quality gear when you invest in a Neese product. Therefore, let’s get into a few of the options Neese will offer through Radians.

Neese Product Recommendations

Neese’s 96ACA Coverall

green coveralls

First up is the 96ACA coverall. Protection from chemical splashes? Check. Neese’s coverall is made of heavyweight polyester. And a PVC coating protects it on top. With a rating of ASTM D6413 and ASTM F903, you’re covered.

Neese’s 475JH Rain Jacket

Next, we’ll view the 475JH Rain Jacket. Comfortable, has a drawstring hood, and available in 3 colors: Yellow, Lime Green, and Black. This is an ideal basic raincoat to have on hand for times when the weather changes and coverage is needed fast.

Neese’s 4703RJH3M Reversible Jacket

Last but not least is the 4703RJH3M Reversible Jacket. This item comes as part of Neese’s Safe Officer Series. This is Neese’s efforts to protect public safety professionals from the weather. Most noteworthy is this jacket is ANSI 107-2015 certified. In addition, reflective striping around the torso, arms, wrists, and waist provides more visibility. Also, did we mention you can wear this inside out? Because you definitely can do that if you want.

In conclusion, Neese joining the Radians family is a win for the FR and rain gear world. Not only will it improve the ordering experience. But customers will get more options for protective rain and FR clothing. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.