Uvex Avatar

Innovative Eyewear Technology – Ultra Lightweight Uvex Avatar Safety Glasses

Uvex Avatar safety glasses balance design and technology. Tons of colors and combinations to choose from. Experience premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Suitable for manufacturing, utilities, construction or even something pharmaceutical related. Hence, designed with the worker in mind. We’ll take a peek at what makes these glasses so special. 

Uvex Avatar Safety Glasses:

Uvex S2870HS Avatar Safety Glasses

First of all, the Uvex Avatar safety glasses have an ultra light frame. Safety glasses so comfortable, it’s easy to forget that you’re wearing them. Each pair has eight points of adjustability, to make sure that you get the perfect fit. Made with soft and durable ‘Multi-Material Technology Plus,’ on the frame, nose pads and temples. Then, the 9 base wrap-around lens provides peripheral vision and protection.

Available Colors:

Next up, probably one of the most unique aspects of these glasses is the number of colors and lenses choices. Style the pair that you want. With plenty of color of temples and lenses to choose from, you’ll want to collect them all. Len colors range from clear, gray, amber, blue mirror. While for frames come in black, blue, teal or red. Perfect for those who want more customization with innovation.

Uvex HydroShield Antifog Coating:

Yet with a revolutionary new lens coating, Uvex HydrosShield knows how to stay fog free. The antifog coating sticks to both sides of the lenses. Therefore no more worrying if the coating would come free or stop working after a certain amount of time. Lasts up to 90x times longer than other anti-fog coatings. Making it one of the top antifog coatings on the market. 

To Sum it All Up:

In conclusion, don’t overlook Uvex Avatar if you’re in the market for safety glasses. As well as, many other Uvex Safety Glasses and products. Brought to you by Honeywell, which is a Fortune 100 company. Honeywell creates solutions that improve quality of life for people around the globe. Whether that’s safety products, communication, energy, security, and more. These safety glasses go above and beyond the current standard. With the ultimate anti-fog and antiscratch protection, they can keep your vision clear and take a beating. Style and innovation come standard on the Uvex Avatar safety glasses.