Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Lens

Behold the Power of Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Eyewear

Step Aside Fog, HydroShield is Here

Have you ever experienced a foggy lens? It can become annoying to stop and wipe the fog away from your glasses or goggles every so often. Stopping you from work that needs to be done. Foggy lenses can be one of the biggest challenges when required to wear safety glasses or goggles on the job. The fog not only decreases one’s productivity but it can leave you vulnerable to injury. With Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Lens there is no need to worry about fog. You’ll receive some long lasting anti-fog protection with the HydroShield technology. HydroShield went through some of the toughest anti-fog tests in the world. Compared to other Uvex and other competitive anti-fog coated products, nothing comes close.

Uvex from Honeywell has changed the anti-fog field. With the Hydroshield anti-fog, the coating is actually bonded to the lens. There is never any need for application or maintenance. Experience constant fog-free lens with 60 times longer lasting performance. HydroShield coating will not wash off or rub off after many cleanings. It keeps the lens fog free by first taking in moisture and then repelling it to the sides of the lens.

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There are many reasons that lenses fog up, which involve humidity and temperature. If the temperature changes, little pockets of moisture can condense on the lens. Resulting in the hazy fog to form on the lens. This can happen with environmental and weather changes. If it’s hot outside and you go back into the cold room. Dealing with materials that have changing temperatures. Or physical activity and exertion can also lead to lenses fogging up.

Seeing is Believing

Plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Try it for yourself and experience the world without fog. With Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Lens, they changed the game so you can see.