V-Gard Hydro Dip Hard Hats by MSA



V-Gard Hydro Dip by MSA brings a new look to a #1 selling hard hat. With so many hard hats out on the market it can sometimes be intimidating on which is the best fit. But with MSA V-Gard hard hats you can rest easy knowing that they’re proven and tested.

About V-Gard

First of all, when it comes to head protection MSA V-Gard hard hats are at the top for a reason. With the iconic V-Gard “V” design it actually plays a role by giving the user an extra bit of protection. It helps to deflect objects and provides more distance between the object and the user.

V-Gard hard hats have the toughness and elasticity to absorb impact. That’s because they’re produced with high density polyethylene. Thus making these hard hats meet all requirements of the ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 standards. Beside the high performance, the quality of materials gives the shell a service life of up to five years.

MSA V-Gard Hydro Dip Hard Hats

Then V-Gard Hydro Dip hard hats add a new twist of style without giving away safety or performance. There are 8 different looks to choose from such as One Nation, Muddy Girl, Multi Camo, Sport Carbon Fiber, and more! The Hydro Dip hats come in the standard full brim or cap style versions. They come standard (6 1/2–8”) to fit most heads sizes. Plus, all Hydro Dip hats come with the comfortable Fast-Trac ratchet suspension. And are products of the US.

Stand Out with Hydro Dip

In conclusion, stand out from the crowd with V-Gard Hydro Dip hard hats. Known for durability, comfort, and quality MSA V-Gard hard hats are at the top of head protection. Put your own mark on the hard hats with imprinting and striping options available. Then explore all the MSA safety accessories that are can fit in the slots. Such as ear muffs, face shields, and more. Don’t settle for less – get proven protection with V-Gard Hydro Dip hard hats!