VolCore FR Workwear by Radians


Radians is rolling out with their own line of flame resistant clothing – VolCore FR Workwear. It gives the user the ability to reduce burn injury. VolCore FR workwear gives extra protection against short-term burn-related incidents, such as flash fires and electric arc flashes. That is because FR material is self-extinguishing. Also, it does not melt after it comes in contact with flames.

VolCore FR Workwear and Who It’s For

Who actually needs VolCore FR Workwear? The most serious burns come not from the actual fire or explosion. It comes from non-FR clothing that continues to burn even after the removal of the ignition source. Workers who will benefit with FR gear are those in hazardous environments; such as those with a potential for electric arc or flash fires. Those in contact with electric arcs are going to be electricians. This also includes workers who can come in contact with energized electrical equipment. Flash fires show up in fields for chemical, oil/gas, and refinery workers.

Workwear Styles

VolCore FR workwear includes long sleeve shirts, button down shirts, coveralls and jeans. Styles are between 100% cotton knit and a cotton/nylon mix. These UL Certified clothes are durable for AR/FR protection. At the same time, they are comfortable enough to wear all day. FRCA-002 is one of the VolCore coveralls which have a vented back for breathability. Choose from either navy blue or khaki (or denim blue for jeans). There will be an option for custom printing, as well.


In conclusion, VolCore FR workwear keeps workers safe and comfortable. While at the same time, meets FR compliant standards within the industry. Radians understands the need for FR workwear, which is why they made their own. From shirts, coveralls and jeans pick the type of garment to help you stay safe. Check out other Radians safety gear for other non FR workwear. Keep burns at bay with VolCore FR workwear, today.