Beat the Heat with OccuNomix Summer Gear


OccuNomix summer gear can keep the sun at bay while you work and play. The summer heat can be grueling at times, so why not fight back? OccuNomix helps level the playing field with their cooling products. Whether you’re in need of moisture wicking or hours of cooling, they have you covered. This includes cooling towels, vests, headwear, sweatbands and many more.

OccuNomix Tuff & Dry Cooling & Wicking Products

OccuNomix TD400 Tuff & Dry Wicking & Cooling Towel
Experience some of the newest cooling technology with OccuNomix Tuff & Dry. These moisture wicking products help keep the sweat off so you can keep working longer. The OccuNomix TD200 is one of the Tuff & Dry cooling skull caps. Super comfortable and lightweight, the TD200 can reduce the effect of heat stress. In addition, the chemical-free Tuff & Dry series has a cooling towel and bandana. They’re also tested to be up to 20-30% cooler than skin temperature when wet. If you’d like to keep score – cooling products 1, heat 0.

MiraCool Cooling Products – OccuNomix Summer Gear 

MiraCool 902 Pullover Cooling Vest

Next up to bat, is the MiraCool series of OccuNomix summer gear. No, it’s not magic keeping you cool but tiny little MiraCool crystals. These polymer crystals plump up with water when soaked to provide cooling relief. Choose from vests, headwear, and towels all with the MiraCool technology. Now you can behold the power of absorption when dry and cooling when wet. Take for instance the MiraCool 931 Cooling Towel. They’re lightweight, very absorbent, and easy to recharge by soaking under water. Not only are the cooling towels great for working outdoors. But can be a big help at theme parks or other family getaways.

In conclusion, cooling products can help keep the heat stress way down. So, you’re able to do more work and enjoy the outdoors longer. Other OccuNomix cooling products include Tuff Nougies (doo rags) and disposable sweatbands. Stay cool with OccuNomix summer gear.