Get Cool for the Summer with Cooling Products


With the increasing temperatures on the rise, don’t let the heat slow you down while on the job. Cool down with cooling products with soaking up the sweat and providing some heat relief. It’s not only more comfortable to work sweat not dripping into your eyes, but it’s also safe. There are several types of cooling work gear that can help you beat the heat. That includes cooling hats, cooling towels, cooling vests, sweatbands, and more.

Cooling Products to Beat the Heat

Cooling hats can help your body regulate temperature when it’s starting to overheat. As well as provide some protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some of the styles of cooling hats are dew rags, performance caps, triangle, or hats with neck shades. With a skull cap type of fit, they are usually made from terry cloths, sponges, and performance fabrics. These hats help prevent sweat and scalp oils from dripping into the eyes. And can make it more comfortable if you’re wearing a hard hat or helmet.

Next, cooling headbands have similar relief properties as the hats. Keep that sweat from dripping into your eyes while working. Headbands usually have an elastic band, so it’s one size fits most. Cooling sweatbands can either be the elastic terry cloth band. But as well as with some styles made for hard hats. Whereas a cooling bandana allows you to customize the fit for the forehead or neck. With all working to stop the sweat and productivity up.

When you need to keep your cool, cooling towels have you covered. Most towels use a hyper-evaporative material to retain water while remaining dry. But as well as being cool to the touch. To give it back it’s cool feel, you can soak it with water for hours of heat relief. Keep them around your neck to dry off sweat. Some application examples are for construction, landscaping, agriculture, and even tourism. Don’t be one of those families taking a Disney World vacation, trapped in the scorching heat.

Here’s How to Activate Cooling Work Gear – Chill-Its

And finally, we have the cooling vests, that cools your core. Help regulate your body temperature even more with a cooling vest. Upper body core temperature can relax and cool off while you’re doing work. These vests are lightweight, comfortable and can cool you for hours.

Stay Cool

In conclusion, there’s no need to suffer in the summer heat. Learn to work in comfort and with technology giving you an edge on being cool. Whether you want to cool off with vests, headbands, or towels the choice is yours. Personal cooling products will help you maintain performance on a hot day. Some brands that carry the cooling products include Occunomix, Ergodyne (Chill-Its), Pyramex, Radians and ect. Don’t let the heat take advantage of you!