Tool Tethers & Lanyards – Stop the Drop!

Tool tethers and lanyards keep tools from falling. They can prove useful when working high up. It keeps tools and objects close to you for ease of access. But it also keeps those around you safe as tools can cause accidents if they were to fall. Most meet the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standards. A few brands include Ergodyne, PIP, and Radians. We’ll take a leap into some of the different tethers and lanyards used with falling objects.

Intro to Tool Tethers & Lanyards

First, tethering is the holding of the tools and equipment to the anchor points that hold them. Tool tethers and lanyards can help protect coworkers or others from falling objects. They can also keep your tools from dropping too far out of reach. There are five types of lanyard categories. The types include wrist, coil, retractable, traditional, and specialty lanyards.

Lanyard Types

Wrist lanyards: use the wrist as the anchor point. They can slide on easy to minimize the drop distance.

Coil and Retractable lanyards: made to avoid snags and hang ups. Their design draws the length of the lanyard back inward to keep things neat and tidy.

Traditional lanyards: the most popular, that uses a predetermined length to tether tools. It’s important to look for shock absorbing models that reduce the force to the body.

Specialty lanyards: they concentrate specific on equipment. These range from hard hats, mobile devices, water bottles and more.

Tool Tether Vests

Another option for tethering is tool tethering safety vests for working at heights. The Ergodyne 8231TV Class 2 Safety Vest provides many tethering and storage options. And then, there’s the Radians SV59ZT-2ZGD Surveyor Safety Vest. Both vests have a D-Ring slot for a fall protection harness. Applications include construction, utilities, wind energy, oil and gas.

Conclusion on Tool Tethers

Ergodyne Squids 3100 Single Carabiner Tool Tether

In conclusion, tool tethering is important for working at heights. While there are many tethers and lanyards, safety should always be a priority. Safety vests have come a long way with tethering capabilities as well. Such as the Ergodyne 8231TV or Radians SV59ZT-2ZGD tethering safety vests. If you’re going to be working with heights, or even tools in general – when in doubt tether out!