Liberty Safety Products – Discover HiVizGard Apparel


When it comes to workplace safety, Liberty Safety Products stands out as a leader in protective apparel, offering a wide range of high-quality garments designed to meet the demands of various industries. From construction sites to roadside assistance, their HiVizGard line of safety wear ensures that workers are not only protected but also visible in hazardous conditions. Let’s dive into some of the key products that Liberty Safety offers, emphasizing their functionality and safety features.

High-Visibility Rainwear

Firstly, don’t let the rain stop you from working safely and efficiently. Liberty Safety’s Durawear high-visibility rainwear is engineered to keep you dry and visible in wet and low-light conditions. This hi-viz series of outerwear includes rain jackets, pants, suits, and raincoats. These garments are made from waterproof materials with sealed seams to prevent water penetration. Equipped with bright, silver reflective stripes, they ensure you remain visible to others, especially in stormy or foggy environments, enhancing safety and confidence on the job. Also, most Durawear series rainwear meets ANSI Class E or ANSI Type R Class 3 ratings.

Safety Shirts

Additionally, HiVizGard series safety shirts are a must-have for any worker needing comfort without compromising on safety. These short and long sleeve shirts come in breathable, lightweight fabrics that ensure comfort throughout the day. Available in fluorescent colors like orange and yellow/lime with reflective materials, most shirts meet ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3 ratings. Also, the lightweight moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and comfortable. Some shirts also feature front chest pockets for storing your pen or small tools.

The Best-Selling Safety Shirts:

  1. N16700
  2. C16600
  3. C16614

Safety Pants

Furthermore, for those who require more than just upper body protection, Liberty Safety’s HiVizGard series safety pants offer durability and safety in one package. Constructed from thermal and waterproof materials, these pants are designed to withstand the outdoors. While providing the visibility needed in potentially dangerous environments. With silver reflective stripes and a comfortable fit, they pair perfectly with safety shirts to provide full-body visibility and protection. Also, this makes the outfit ANSI Class 3 when worn with ANSI Class 2 or 3 apparel.

Safety Jackets

Also, Liberty safety jackets are tailored for those who face colder climates and need to maintain warmth without sacrificing safety. These HiVizGard series jackets incorporate thermal lining and water-resistant fabrics to keep you warm and dry. Also, select from black bottom, bomber, or windbreaker style jackets. The inclusion of high-visibility colors and reflective stripes ensures that you remain visible on cloudy days or during night shifts, making these jackets ideal for workers in challenging weather conditions. Also, these winter work jackets come with pockets and meet ANSI Class 3 safety standards.

The Best-Selling Safety Jackets:

  1. C16725
  2. C16722
  3. C16728GX

Safety Sweatshirts

Likewise, perfect for transitional weather, hi-viz safety sweatshirts and hoodies offer a lighter alternative to jackets but still provide ample protection. With their high-visibility yellow/lime or orange colors and comfortable fit, these sweatshirts are ideal for cooler days. Also, they provide visibility and warmth with pockets and hoods. Whether worn alone or layered under a jacket, they are essential for anyone who needs mobility and visibility. In addition, these hi-vis and black bottom style safety sweatshirts meet ANSI Class 3 safety standards.

Safety Vests

Finally, a staple in safety apparel, Liberty Safety’s safety vests are designed for maximum visibility and comfort. Lightweight and easy to wear, these hi-vis vests feature silver reflective stripes and bright colors, making them an essential addition to any safety gear. Also, this makes them ideal for traffic management, event coordination, and construction. Plus, most HiVizGard series safety vests meet ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3 ratings. Find vests in styles like black bottom, surveyor, two-tone, and breakway.

The Best-Selling Safety Vests:

  1. C16002QGB
  2. C16002Q
  3. C16034

Add Your Custom Logo

Moreover, enhance your team’s professional appearance and brand visibility by customizing Liberty Safety Products with your text or logo. Select from our professional screen printing, embroidery, or vinyl heat press process. Screen printing offers a durable and cost-effective solution for larger orders, making it ideal for outfits that undergo frequent use and washing. Also, vinyl heat press provides a versatile option while embroidery adds a classic and custom look. By adding your custom logo to Liberty Safety apparel, you not only boost team spirit but also strengthen your brand’s presence.


In conclusion, Liberty Safety Products now offers a comprehensive range of hi-vis safety garments that combine advanced protective technologies with practical design elements. Whether you need protection from the rain, visibility for safety, or warmth during cold months, Liberty Safety has you covered with gear that helps reduce workplace risks while enhancing comfort and performance. Equip your team with Liberty Safety Products and take a proactive step towards a safer working environment.