Presco Marking Tape – From Caution to Flagging


A leader in marking products, Presco manufactures commercial-grade tapes for a variety of industries. Most noteworthy are surveying, construction, warehouse, and nursery. Presco marking and flagging tapes are the longest-lasting available on the market.

Types of Tape

First of all, Presco marking tape comes in several styles. And this includes warning tape, flagging tape, underground tape, and barricade tape. Also, they have specific uses and meet job-site requirements. Let’s take a look at one of our best selling styles, barricade tape. And most often referred to as caution tape, this has a printed danger or warning slogan. Select from standard, day/night or hi-vis caution tapes. And, biodegradable and repulpable barricade tapes break down over time, reducing waste.

In addition, woven style barricade tape has a tensile strength of 500 pounds. While made from extra-durable polypropylene in yellow/black or red/black colors. And this is a smart choice for marking off-limit areas, hazardous areas or for use in crowd control. Detectable underground warning tapes are useful in the surveying, construction, and utility locating industries. And once buried, they help mark electrical lines, gas pipes, communication cables and more. Also, the aluminum core makes underground detection easy. Furthermore, they withstand temperatures from -94 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. And these tapes exceed all industry specifications and are APWA compliant.

Presco Tape Patterns

Another Presco product is flagging tape. And this long-lasting outdoor tape has varied thickness and tensile strength. Also, added plasticizer packages yield a stronger material. And taffeta roll flagging tape is a non-adhesive tape used for surveying. For enhanced visibility, select from patterns like striped, reflective silver, and checkerboard. While polka dot flagging tape features printed coarse matte grade material. Most of all, it can endure extreme cold temperatures. Flagging tape provides colorful patterns that aid in non-verbal communication.

Also, the landscaping and nursery industries rely on non-harming tapes. And Presco nursery roll flagging tape has a formulation that withstands cold crack and UV stability. Think of nursery flagging tape as the duct tape of the horticultural world. And the narrow width of the tape helps protect seedlings, saplings and other delicate plants. Yet simply tie and untie the tape for ease of application. And, the bright colors help in identification. In addition, all the nursery flagging tapes are 1/2 inch in width.

Industrial Visibility

Almost all the Presco marking tapes do not have an adhesive back. And for jobs that require durable traditional style tape, use aisle marking tape. The primary industries that use this style are manufacturing and warehouse facilities. And it is a 6 mil thickness in colors that comply with OSHA safety coding. While Aisle marking tape allows you to mark lanes and removes easily. Also, this is useful for marking hazardous areas and exits.

In conclusion, Presco is a leader in industrial marking products. Marking and flagging tape has a variety of uses. And, the colors and patterns are bright and bold and comply with safety regulations. So for utility locating, landscaping and nursery and warehouse jobs, use Presco marking tape.