Seymour Paint: From Industrial & Marking to Striping Paint


Founded in 1949, and the inventor of aerosol spray paint, Seymour Paint has expanded its range of specialized paints to tackle any project with precision and longevity. This includes industrial paint, marking, and striping paint. Take a closer look at Seymour Paint and find out how they are the perfect choice for your next job.

Introduction to Seymour Paint

Firstly, Seymour Paint Industrial products stand out for their fast-drying formulation. These industrial aerosols include water, solvent, and latex-based marking paints. Designed to withstand outdoor and industrial environments, these aerosol paints come in dozens of color options including APWA colors. Also, they are ideal for utility marking, golf courses, landscaping, construction, surveying, and mining. They ensure your projects not only look good but last longer under harsh conditions.

Different Types of Seymour Paint:

Marking Paints

In addition, marking paints from Seymour Paint are indispensable for professionals in construction, landscaping, and utility fields. These paints deliver bold, visible lines and marks that endure through weather and wear. With quick-drying formulas and easy-to-use applicators, marking out construction sites, parking lots, or athletic fields becomes a task of ease and efficiency. Plus, Seymour marking paint is VOC compliant. Also, make application easy and use a marking gun or marking wand to apply to most surfaces including grass, turf, gravel, and pavement.

Striping Paints

Moreover, Seymour aerosol striping paints create clean, crisp lines that are easy to see. The long-lasting athletic field paint makes sharp, well-defined stripes in one application. Plus, it dries in 15 minutes, is VOC compliant, and is safe for grass. This paint is perfect for baseball, football, and soccer fields. Their high visibility and resistance to weather make them an essential tool for maintaining organized and safe spaces. Also, apply striping paint with the Z-607 Turf Machine. Use with athletic field marker paints. This machine creates professional-looking lines of 2″ up to 4″ on athletic fields or other turf surfaces.

Bulk Seymour Paint Options

Similarly, Seymour 5 gallon pail athletic field marking paint in bulk is an efficient and cost-effective solution. Such as for schools, sports clubs, and recreational facilities that require high-quality, durable line-marking solutions for their athletic fields. Seymour’s field marking paint is specifically formulated to provide bright, long-lasting lines on grass, turf, and other sports surfaces, ensuring that game lines remain visible under various weather conditions and through intense play.

Plus, the paint is environmentally friendly, with non-toxic formulations that are safe for players, spectators, and the environment. The 5-gallon pail size is ideal for large-scale applications, allowing for the marking of multiple fields with a single purchase, which is especially beneficial for institutions hosting tournaments or managing several sports facilities.

Additionally, the paint’s compatibility with different types of spraying equipment makes application easy and efficient, ensuring crisp, straight lines for football, soccer, baseball fields, and more. Bulk purchasing Seymour’s field marking paint not only saves time and resources but also ensures that sports fields are always game-ready, reflecting a professional standard of play.

A Lasting Legacy

Finally, Seymour Paint doesn’t just sell paint; it offers solutions. With a focus on quality, durability, and user-friendliness, their range of industrial, marking, and striping paints caters to the unique demands of professional projects. Whether you’re protecting industrial equipment, preparing surfaces for a flawless finish, marking out territories, or striping for safety, Seymour Paint has the product to ensure your project’s success.


In conclusion, when your project demands the best, turn to Seymour Paint. Experience the difference that comes with using specialized paints crafted for the past 75 years and trusted for durability, visibility, and overall excellence. This premium line of industrial paints is your partner in achieving lasting results.