GSS Safety Products – Our Newest Addition


A trusted brand that cares about safety, GSS Safety Products offers a wide selection of work apparel. And we now carry their lines of high visibility, safety, and workwear. Find the style that best works for you including ANSI-rated reflective gear.

Why GSS Safety Products?

First of all, GSS Safety Products is an affordable option for hi-vis reflective safety apparel. And there are options like safety vests, shirts, jackets, and pants. There are also styles and sizes for both men and women. GSS strives to protect workers from the serious hazard of low visibility. And that is why most of their products meet ANSI safety standards for the job site.

Because their product offerings are so vast, let’s take a look at some of the best-selling apparel. GSS Safety Products uses lightweight and breathable mesh material in their safety vests, making them comfortable for all-day wear. And colors like hi-vis orange and yellow/lime help you stand out on the construction site. When combined with silver reflective tape, most garments meet ANSI Type R Class 2 and 3 safety ratings. There are also non-ANSI vests in colors like red, purple, brown, and blue.

And GSS safety vests come in styles for women. These vests have an adjustable waist that conforms to the female form. They also come in the color pink and in sizes up to 4XL/5XL. Other GSS safety vest options include surveyor style with up to 7 pockets, two-tone, breakaway, and black bottom. Hi-vis ANSI Type R Class 3 safety vests have sleeves for added visibility. And GSS ONYX series safety vests have durable ripstop polyester fabric that is resistant to tearing and ripping.

ANSI Hi-Vis Protection

Another option for high visibility apparel is safety shirts from GSS. There are short and long sleeve hi-vis shirts. Most construction sites give you the option to wear these instead of a safety vest. And they come in several different styles like t-shirts, button-ups, and polos. In addition, orange and yellow/lime reflective styles meet ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3 ratings. And other colors like red, pink, green, and blue are non-ANSI but still have reflective tape for enhanced visibility. Most GSS safety shirts have moisture-wicking fabric and front chest pockets.

Furthermore, GSS safety pants pair well with safety shirts for a complete ANSI-rated work uniform. There are hi-vis reflective work pants that meet Class E safety standards. And come in styles like black bottom and two-tone. GSS rain pants and bibs use durable waterproof fabric to keep you dry in the elements. Multiple pockets provide storage for tools and gear. And there is poly-filled insulation for winter in some styles including pants from the ONYX series.

Industry-Leading Performance

In addition to safety pants, the GSS ONYX series of performance fabric apparel includes rain jackets, safety sweatshirts, and safety vests. These go beyond the basics and have features like snag protection, ripstop fabric, and Teflon coating. The GSS ONYX series is functional reflective apparel designed for comfort and performance. The ripstop fabric is resistant to tears and rips. And apparel like GSS rain jackets with Teflon coating repels dirt and liquids to keep you looking clean throughout the day.

Finally, stay warm and dry out in the elements this season with GSS safety jackets. This outerwear includes ANSI and non-ANSI-rated work jackets with reflective trim, multiple pockets, and hoods. There are bomber jackets and heavy-duty parkas for the extreme cold. Soft and warm fleece linings help insulate you. And there are several colors like hi-vis orange and yellow/lime as well as blue, red, and green. Other options from GSS are Quartz Sherpa-lined duck winter work jackets with Teflon shield fabric. They are the ultimate weatherproof work jacket ideal for even the harshest climates.

In conclusion, we are proud to carry the extensive line of GSS Safety Products. Find high visibility reflective safety apparel in styles for men and women. And industry-leading performance gear like the ONYX series. Stay safe, remain visible, and stand out on the job in GSS.