Hard Hat Cooling Products

Hard Hat Cooling Products Keep Workers Cool

Hard hat cooling products can provide plenty of cooling relief on those hot summer days. While hard hats themselves protect your head from falling debris and objects, they are not the best at protecting you from the sun and the heat. Full brim hard hats may give some sun protection but not in terms of cooling. When you add hard hat cooling products you can cut down on heat stress. It can increase comfort, thus leading to more productivity. And some cooling products can even shield users from harmful UV rays. Here are a variety of brands that carry cooling products and accessories for hard hats.

Hard Hat Cooling Products and Brands

Ergodyne knows how to keep workers cool with their Chill-Its series. Get some cooling relief under the sun with the Ergodyne 6660 hard hat brim with shade, in yellow or orange. It sits around the outside of a hard hat to provide sun and UV protection for the head and neck. While at the same time the Chill-Its series soaks up sweat to keep it out of your eyes. Other types include cooling hard hat liners, pads, sweatbands and more.


Another brand that carries a variety of cooling products for hard hats is OccuNomix. Snap it on with their Terry Toppers Snap-On headbands (870-15). Made from soft terry cloth cotton, this headband is super absorbent and washable. Have a neck that tends to burn a little much? The MiraCool PVA neck shades fit most hard hats – full and cap style hard hats. They offer shade as well as cooling relief – all you have to do is soak in water to activate.


Cooling with PIP products is EZ-Cool, as this is the series for their heat stress gear. PIP offers everything from bandanas, beanies, cooling pads, neck shades, and more. Pip cooling is ideal for use in hot environments and from the stress of high temperatures. EZ-Cool is going to be fast acting and lightweight. Get cooling relief for hours with PIP cooling hard hat accessories. Take for instance the Evaporative Mesh Cooling Bandana (393-EZ201). Use it as a headband or neckband. Choose between colors (or designs) such as navy, khaki, camo or patriotic flag. The outer fabric is dry while the internal cooling fabric stays cool


Combat heat stress with Arctic Radwear from Radians – includes headbands, sweatbands or head shades. Made with Advance Arctic technology to speed up the evaporation and cooling process. Soak the headbands in water for 2 to 3 minutes for long last cooling relief. The Arctic Radwear sweatband (RCS211) is easy to install onto a hard hat. All you need to do is snap it over the existing hard hat suspension headband. When the hard hat cooling accessories lose their cool then re-soak for a few minutes.


Other notable brands are Bullard, ERB, ML Kishigo, and Pyramex. Get the Bullard sun shield (SS6) keep the sun out of your eyes. ML Kishigo recently rolled out with a new series of cooling gear called Brisk Cooling. Powered by HyperKewl – this technology speeds up absorption as well as holds water within. The ML Kishigo Hard Hat Nape Protector (1622) protects your neck and keeps you cool. Pyramex has an array of cooling hard hat products such as bandanas, neck shades, pads, and skull caps.



In conclusion, hard hat cooling products and accessories are ideal for protection from high temperatures. Whether that’s indoor or outdoor, staying cool keeps us comfortable. When we’re comfortable in the heat, we’re to able work more efficiently. Some common applications include construction, automotive, farming, food services, vacations and sporting events. No matter which brand you choose, they all offer something to keep you cool with your hard hat.