Kishigo Hi-Vis Brisk Cooling Summer Safety Gear


Keep your Kewl

While the heat of summer is upon us, stay cool with Kishigo’s new hi-vis Brisk Cooling series. This innovative personal cooling gear utilizes HyperKewl technology. The fabric absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered structure. From vests to bandanas and sun shields, Kishigo will help keep the summer job site less scorching.

First of all, the heat, humidity and hot sun of summer are an uncomfortable mix. Make sure you stay cool throughout the day with Kishigo’s hi-vis cooling gear. They have created a new cooling technology called Hyperkewl. This product line provides evaporative cooling that is also reusable. The Kishigo 1626 Brisk Cooling bandana tie is lightweight and available in hi-vis yellow/lime. To activate, submerge in cold water for 2-3 minutes. Tie or wrap it around your neck or head. Reuse again and again for cooling comfort and heat stress prevention.

ML Kishigo 1624 Brisk Cooling Hard Hat Sun Shield

Kishigo 1624 Brisk Cooling Hard Hat Sun Shield

Hi-Vis Brisk Cooling

Also beneficial for head and neck sun protection are sun shields. Hard hat sun shields attach to the brim of either cap or full brim style helmets. There are two styles of Brisk Cooling sun shields. The first one is the Kishigo 1624. This has two-tone hi-vis orange and yellow/lime colors. There is a 5/8″ wide silver reflective stripe for enhanced visibility. An elastic band allows the shield to fit over most hard hats. Once activated, the cooling effect lasts for 5-10 hours. The half mesh/half solid Hyperkewl material is breathable, washable and reusable. The second style is the Kishigo 1622 hard hat nape protector. It has a self-adhesive hook and loop tab that attaches to the inside or outside of any hard hat. This shield is hi-vis yellow/lime with a 2″ wide silver reflective stripe.

Reuse all Season Long

In addition to cooling your head and neck, the Brisk Cooling series has shoulder, chest and back cooling products. The Kishigo 1610 safety vest is hi-vis yellow/lime with orange and silver reflective stripes. It is equipped with a zipper closure and six pockets for storage. This vest meets ANSI class 2 standards. Its design works with the Kishigo 1620 Brisk Cooling shoulder insert. The hook and loop tabs inside the vest allow you to attach the shoulder insert or remove for year-round use. When combined, the Brisk Cooling safety vest and shoulder insert provide core body cooling that is 15-20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. The removable cooling pad is versatile and will work with almost any style vest.

ML Kishigo 1610 Brisk Cooling Safety Vest

Kishigo 1610 Brisk Cooling Safety Vest

In conclusion, consider the importance of staying cool on the job. Kishigo’s new Brisk Cooling and Hyperkewl technology is reusable and an investment worth making. The long summer days are more enjoyable with the right safety gear.