JSP Hard Hats

JSP Hard Hats – Unparalleled Quality and Design

There are plenty of job sites that require you to wear hard hats. So, don’t jeopardize safety when you go to choose one for you. JSP is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in “above the neck” safety products. With over 50 years of experience they strive to improve quality. As well as, maximizing safety. Here are some JSP hard hats types and styles of hard hats:

Which type of JSP Hard Hat is right for you?

Over time hard hats evolved to provide more safety to its users; JSP Evolution is no exception. Excellent head protection for injuries on the job. They are also ANSI Type 1 certified which cover most basic job sites. Choose from full brim to cap style. As well as, plenty of vibrant and bold colors. Hard hat suspensions range from pinlock to ratchet; how one would adjust the hard hat. They also include a Chamlon cotton sweatband for maximum sweat absorption.
Similarly to the Evolution series, JSP offers hard hats for miners. JSP mining hard hats use high density polyethylene (HDPE). A strong thermoplastic that can take a lot of punishment. For increased protection these mining hard hats use a 6 point suspension. They also have mining brackets for lights and plenty of side slots for accessories. Class R2 high intensity reflective material offers 360 degree reflective coverage. Significantly more reflection than standard reflective clothing material.

Hard Hats that Can Only Take Little Bumps

Moreover, bump caps are another choice when safety is a little more relaxed. That is because bump caps are non-ANSI compliant. Designed to provide only minor protection against blows to the head. JSP Bump Caps come in a variety of colors and lengths.
To conclude with JSP products sold world wide only proves why they’re a contender in the hard hat market. Other styles include the Comfort Plus, MK8, EVOlite Skyworker, and hard hat accessories. Where style meets innovation and safety, JSP has you covered.