PIP Traverse Climbing-Style Helmets


Stay safe on the job site or during any climbing activity in advanced PIP Traverse climbing-style helmets. Find out how this innovative head protection combines modern technology to keep those working at heights safe. Likewise, climbing-style hard hats are becoming a preferred choice for many due to their added security features and modern aesthetics. Let’s explore the benefits and features of this premium hard hat series.

PIP Traverse Safety Helmets

Firstly, PIP Traverse Safety Helmets excel in providing comprehensive head protection with a design that ensures comfort even during extended use. These ANSI Type II hard hats feature a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell construction. This ultra-lightweight shell is enhanced with an EPS foam impact liner to help absorb the forces of front, side, or rear impacts. They come equipped with easy-to-adjust chin straps that guarantee a secure fit, minimizing the risk of the helmet slipping or shifting while working at heights.

Attachments & Features

Also, the 4-point cross-over chin strap with a quick-release buckle is adjustable for a safe and secure fit. Notably, the PIP Traverse incorporates integrated slots for face shields, enhancing its functionality as a versatile piece of safety equipment. The Traverse anti-fog optional eyewear attachment comes in clear or smoke gray lenses. These polycarbonate glasses have an anti-scratch finish and meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.

Furthermore, this industrial climbing style hard hat series features Mips technology. Mips, or multi-directional impact protection system, is a low frictional layer. This layer is designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the head from angled impacts. Also, a SURE-LOCK wheel ratchet suspension provides a safe and secure fit, adjustable to a variety of head sizes. The inner suspension also includes comfort padding for above the brow line.

Traverse Hard Hat Styles 

In addition to the short brim cap style design, PIP Traverse series hard hats include slotted and vented options. The ventilation system in these helmets deserves special mention. It promotes air circulation around the head, which is vital for maintaining comfort and focus, especially in hot and strenuous conditions. These helmets also meet ANSI Type II safety standards, ensuring they provide reliable protection against impacts and other potential hazards encountered in industrial settings. Also, select from a half dozen different colors including hi-vis for enhanced visibility.

Why Choose A Climbing-Style Hard Hat?

Because climbing-style hard hats borrow elements from professional climbing helmets, they offer superior head protection and stability. These hats are popular among workers who perform tasks at height, such as in construction, tree care, and utility sectors. The main feature that sets climbing-style hard hats apart is their chin strap, which ensures the hat remains securely in place, reducing the risk of falling off during a fall or sudden movement.

Additionally, these hard hats often include options for mounting accessories such as headlamps, visors, and hearing protection, making them highly adaptable to various working conditions. The design is not only functional but also sleek and modern, appealing to professionals who value aesthetics along with safety. Our climbing style hard hats continue to become a popular option for head protection across various industries. Also, in addition to optional accessories, customize your hard hat with your custom name or logo and promote your brand or business.


In conclusion, PIP Traverse Safety Helmets are a popular choice for professionals seeking ANSI Type II head protection. These modern climbing-style helmets combine ultra-lightweight ABS construction with thoughtful features. The attached chin strap, integrated accessory slots, and Mips technology ensure both safety and comfort.