Pink Safety Gear

Pink Safety Gear for Breast Cancer Awareness

Show your support for breast cancer awareness with pink safety gear. Take a stylish approach when it comes to safety. Besides the pink touch, some of the safety gear was also designed to fit women. Examples of pink safety gear are safety vests, glasses, hard hats and work gloves.

Pink Safety Gear – Safety Vest

First off, not everything has to be in the boring yellow or orange. Pink safety vests can help you stand out from the crowd. Although, one downside to full pink safety vests is that they are NOT ANSI certified. There a few that are because of pink piping or contrast on top of a yellow/lime vest. Some styles fit a woman better by design, which can increase safety.


Pink Safety Glasses

Pink Safety Glasses

Next, pink safety glasses can either be for looks or to see better. Pink lenses sometimes referred to as vermilion glasses, can help enhance contrast. Which is quite useful for hunting with being able to distinguish animal from the brush. And if you’re going for looks, there are pink-framed glasses that are going to have the standard lens, clear. As a bonus, many of the pink glasses are going to have smaller frames. To be able to fit smaller facial profiles, for woman and children.

Hard Hats

A variety shades to choose from, for pink hard hats. All hard hats are going to have an ANSI type 1 classification. The standard for head protection. Decide whether you need cap style or a full brim style. They come with a ratchet or pinklock suspension. With hard hats that are more stylish than others, why choose anything else?

Work Gloves

Have smaller hands? Many of our pink work gloves tend to be on the smaller side. With a glove that fits better, reduces hand fatigue. Durable and pink. For a variety of general uses. Such as equipment operation, maintenance, repair, gardening and home improvement.

All in all, looking good can still be safe. Pink safety gear stands out compared to the standard yellow/lime and orange. Plus, you would be giving a hand towards the research of breast cancer and a brighter future.