Stay Prepared in Kishigo Hi-Vis Winter Gear


As the winter season takes hold, staying warm and visible becomes a top priority for those working outdoors or engaged in any activities that require high visibility. That’s where Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear comes into play, offering a perfect blend of warmth, visibility, and safety.

The Importance of Hi-Vis in Winter

First of all, during the winter months, reduced daylight hours and adverse weather conditions can significantly impact visibility. Whether you’re a construction worker, first responder, or simply someone who enjoys outdoor activities, being seen is crucial for your safety. Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear addresses this concern by incorporating high-visibility elements into their winter apparel.

Learn to Layer

Therefore, staying warm on a construction site during the winter months is essential for both comfort and safety. Here are some valuable tips to help you keep the chill at bay while working in cold conditions. Firstly, layer your clothing to trap warm air close to your body. Start with moisture-wicking thermal or merino wool base layers to keep sweat away from your skin, add insulating mid-layers, and finish with a windproof and waterproof outer layer to protect against the elements. Kishigo bomber jackets like the JS135 feature a 2-in-1 design with a removable zip-up hoodie sweatshirt.

Most of all, don’t forget to wear a warm hat, insulated gloves, and thermal socks to keep your extremities warm. Stay well-nourished and hydrated as proper nutrition and fluids help maintain your body’s warmth. Take regular breaks to warm up and never ignore the signs of frostbite or hypothermia. Lastly, invest in high-quality insulated work boots and consider heated insoles for extra warmth. By following these tips and prioritizing your comfort and safety, you can effectively combat the cold on a construction site during winter.

Key Features of Kishigo Hi-Vis Winter Gear

High-Visibility Colors:

Also, Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear is available in bright and fluorescent colors like neon yellow/lime and orange. These colors are highly conspicuous in low-light conditions, making you easily noticeable to others, especially in winter’s early morning or late afternoon darkness. Most hi-vis winter gear meets ANSI Type O, P, R, or Class E safety standards for the job site. Select from safety apparel in best-selling series like the Black, Brilliant, Pro, and EV.

Reflective Stripes:

In addition to the bold colors, Kishigo incorporates reflective stripes strategically into their winter gear. These VizLite reflective elements bounce back light from vehicles and other sources, further enhancing your visibility. Also, some Brilliant series winter outerwear like the JS152 parka includes ORALITE prismatic tape. This tape performs exceptionally well under wet conditions. And it provides additional durability compared to silver glass beaded reflective material.

Warmth and Comfort:

While safety is paramount, Kishigo understands that staying warm and comfortable in cold conditions is equally important. Their Hi-Vis winter gear is designed to provide insulation against the cold while allowing for ease of movement. Features like fleece linings and insulated materials ensure you stay cozy on the job or during recreational activities. Also, add extra layers with Kishigo fleece hi-vis beanies like the 2828 and 2826. For windy and snowy conditions, use multi wear climate shields like the 2816NR. This helps protect your neck and face during a variety of weather conditions.

More Features


Furthermore, Kishigo offers a range of Hi-Vis winter gear options, including jackets, vests, bibs, and hats, allowing you to find the right combination for your specific needs. Whether you require full-body coverage or just an upper body solution, Kishigo has you covered.

Kishigo Safety Jackets- Stay safe and warm in Kishigo safety jackets. These jackets protect against harsh weather conditions and hazards with ANSI high visibility compliance. Styles include windbreaker, bomber, zip-up hoodie and more. The best-selling styles are the JS102, JS103, and JS137.

Plus, Kishigo integrates durable and weather-resistant materials into their designs, shielding workers from the elements. Many of their safety jackets and sweatshirts come equipped with multiple pockets for convenient storage of tools and essentials, and some even offer adjustable cuffs and hoods for a customizable fit. Also, look for features like water-resistant shells with underarm vents for breathability.


Most of all, Kishigo is known for the durability of its products. Their Hi-Vis winter gear is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor work and activities, ensuring that it lasts through the harshest winter conditions. Ideal for a variety of industries, insulated bib overalls like the IN412 black series bibs feature waterproof construction. The quilted liner provides thermal insulation and the adjustable Y-back suspenders offer a personalized fit.

Applications of Kishigo Hi-Vis Winter Gear

Construction Workers

Because construction sites can be especially dangerous in low visibility, wearing Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear can help prevent accidents by making workers more visible to heavy machinery and vehicles. In addition, stand out in their best-selling high visibility safety vests including the 1195, 1515, and B100. There are styles and sizes for men and women.

Kishigo B310

First Responders:

Likewise, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics often need to work in challenging winter conditions. Hi-Vis winter gear from Kishigo ensures they remain visible while performing their duties, even during snowstorms or icy conditions. Wear incident command and Pro Series safety vests to stand out in complex work zones. Also, some Pro Series safety vests include a pre-printed “Police”, “Sheriff”, or “Fire” legend to help designate authority.

Roadside Workers:

Similarly, those who work on or near roads, such as traffic controllers, tow truck drivers, and utility workers, benefit from high visibility gear to stay safe in winter traffic. Also, utilize our large selection of hi-vis accessories like arm/ankle bands, gaiters, and seat belt covers.

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Whether you enjoy winter sports, hiking, or cycling in colder weather, Kishigo Hi-Vis gear can help you stay visible to others sharing the outdoors.


In conclusion, Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear offers the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and durability for those who need to stay warm and visible during the winter months. Whether you’re on the job or enjoying outdoor activities, investing in high-quality winter gear is a smart choice that ensures your safety and peace of mind in challenging cold-weather conditions. Stay warm, stay visible, and stay safe with Kishigo Hi-Vis winter gear.